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Looking to invest in technology for your pharmacy? These highlights from the 2014 Retail Pharmacy Buyers Guide are designed to help you learn more about what's out there and keep you up to date with the latest in pharmacy technology.

Manchac Technologies: The DOSIS Difference

13 Feb, 2015

Robotic solution is for filling blister cards, and fills, seals, and patient labels with direct interface to pharmacy software. Fills on demand and prepacks hands-free, including after hours, and based on start dates, quantity, and even anniversary filling for 1–31 doses per card.  

The Difference

 The DOSIS L60 is the first viable robot that meets all your needs, whether it is handling your highmoving drugs or supplementing your filling needs for the extemporaneous drugs in your formulary. The L60’s advanced counting technology allows DOSIS to dispense directly into the blister card, which enables it to dispense the quantity requested (from 1 to 31), eliminating cross-contamination issues. DOSIS has the ability, based on your pharmacy management system’s capabilities, to adhere to start dates and quantities for anniversary and/or calendar date filling.  »Read More and Post A Comment

QS/1 integrated IVR can save time, limit disruptions

12 Feb, 2015

IVR’s management of inbound and outbound communication is one reason IVR continues to lead the list of productivity-enhancing pharmacy tools with an excellent ROI. 

  • Utilize QS/1’s InstantFill to automatically move prescriptions through workflow with minimal intervention.
  • Optional after-hours-only mode handles requests when the pharmacy is closed. 

  • Inform customers of pickup times based on your pharmacy hours. 

  • Automatically notify customers of prescriptions awaiting pickup. 

  • Notify customers of any prescriptions overdue for a refill. 

  • Send an outbound phone, text, and/or email notification. 

  • Customize voice scripts in a variety of languages and dialects. 

  • Route refill requests directly to the prescription-processing queue. 

  • Make one call to QS/1 for service and support for pharmacy management and IVR. 

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RxMedic: ACS Counting Solution

10 Feb, 2015


Simultaneously counts multiple medications in scalable, space-saving designs that support 12 to 96 oral solid medications. ACS can pre-count minimum quantities and offers a fast, fully documented return-to-stock feature, as well as storing digital images of vial contents. Dispense filled prescriptions in any order by simply scanning the prescription label. ACS dispenses the drug directly into the labeled vial. Choose an ACS that fits your workflow: countertop, end-cap, or freestanding. ACS supports barcode scanning and has lockable cells for additional security.  »Read More and Post A Comment

voiceTech IVR handles connecting pharmacy with customers

09 Feb, 2015

Services and solutions for inbound and outbound patient adherence and medication communication with integration to 70-plus pharmacy technology systems. 

voiceTech’s pharmacy growth solutions and technology services are available individually or in just about any combination to meet specific pharmacy needs and budget.   »Read More and Post A Comment

ECRS Automating the Science of Retail

06 Feb, 2015

Point of sale, back-office management, inventory control and replenishment, pharmacy system integration, mobile enterprise reporting, Web-based maintenance, house charge, payroll deduction, general ledger, customer loyalty, gift card, e-signature capture, NPLEx PSE tracking, IIAS compliance, supplier integration, and self-checkout kiosk. 

CRS Solutions Suite for Pharmacy

  • Point of Sale

  • Self-Service Kiosk

  • Mobile POS

  • Web Back-office Management

  • Executive Dashboard

  • Pharmacy System Integration

  • Customer Loyalty

  • Electronic Front-end Supplier Integration (EDI/Non-EDI)

  • Inventory Replenishment

  • Driver’s License Scanning

  • IIAS Certified

  • Electronic PSE Tracking (NPLEx™ and Non-NPLEx)

  • PCI-DSS 2.0 Compliant

  • Centralized Multistore Management

  • Gift Card

  • Payroll Deduct/A/R/General Ledger/House Charge

  • Signature Capture

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Scalable POS by Retail Management Solutions

05 Feb, 2015

RMS has scalable solutions that meet your needs, whether you own a single-register apothecary, a 15-register superstore, or multiple locations. 

Our centralized focus on pharmacies allows us to continually respond to the needs of our
ever-changing marketplace.   »Read More and Post A Comment

Synergy Medical: Software-Directed Multdose Card Fulfillment

04 Feb, 2015

Synergy Medical: Automated robotic medication dispensing system for multidose blister cards. 

SynMed Positioning and Dispensing Tray

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Datascan: Point of Sale

03 Feb, 2015

Pharmacy software solutions for independents, doctors’ offices, and hospitals, including pharmacy management software, point of sale, workflow, IVR, mobile applications, and more. 

What sets our point-of-sale (POS) system apart from our competition is the fact that it was written and designed in- house with assistance from our pharmacy clients. As with our WinPharm software, we are constantly improving on our POS software, based on feedback from our clients. Our full-featured POS software systems integrates with our WinPharm software to allow data to be shared throughout the pharmacy. Our POS complies with FSA/IIAS, is SIGIS certified, and is PCI compliant for credit-card processing. The full version has everything you would expect from a POS software package, including full inventory control, sales tracking, reports, electronic purchase orders, ability to auto-add inventory from vendor responses, and more.  »Read More and Post A Comment

Liberty Software: Benefits of the RXQ System

02 Feb, 2015

Pharmacy management software with fully integrated pharmacy point of sale. Designed for retail community pharmacies with integrated workflow, inventory workflow management, text messaging, mobile device solutions, and electronic document management. 

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Best Computer: Features and Benefits of BestPOS

28 Jan, 2015

Pharmacy management systems, e-prescribing, point of sale, e-signature capture, prescription image scanning, workflow management, delivery signature capture, nursing home module, and Web refills, as well as IVR and robotic dispensing interfaces, and more. 

Features and Benefits of BestPOS Also Include  »Read More and Post A Comment

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