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Looking to invest in technology for your pharmacy? These highlights from the 2014 Retail Pharmacy Buyers Guide are designed to help you learn more about what's out there and keep you up to date with the latest in pharmacy technology.

Innovation: Scalable Pharmacy Automation

22 Aug, 2014


Scalable Pharmacy Automation: Counting Technologies and Robotic Systems  »Read More and Post A Comment

SoftWriters: FrameworkLTC

21 Aug, 2014

Highly configurable, comprehensive pharmacy management software designed for operators interested in expanding their presence in the LTC, 340B, and institutional pharmacy markets. 

SoftWriters’ flagship product, FrameworkLTC, is the only software solution created specifically for the unique processes of closed-door, 340B, and specialty pharmacies. With input from marketplace thought leaders, industry experts have created a robust application that streamlines both standard processes and nonstandard transactions such as rejections, prior authorizations, and rebilling.  »Read More and Post A Comment

Liberty Software: Point of Sale Designed for Pharmacy

20 Aug, 2014

Pharmacy management software with fully integrated pharmacy point of sale. Designed for retail community pharmacies with integrated workflow, inventory workflow management, text messaging, mobile device solutions, and electronic document management. 

Point of Sale For your pharmacy, point-of-sale software needs to be more than cash drawer management for your front end. For your patients, it should enable your staff to provide better service. For you, it should result in better accountability, assistance with HIPAA compliance, and improved pharmacy management.  »Read More and Post A Comment

QS/1: Integrated Pharmacy Technology and Services

19 Aug, 2014

Software technology tools such as pharmacy management systems, IVR, workflow, automation, mobile products, and more. 

e-Prescribing Increase accuracy, reduce requests from prescribers, and improve pharmacy productivity. Enhance communication between pharmacy and prescriber.  »Read More and Post A Comment

ScriptPro Robotic Prescription Dispensing Systems

18 Aug, 2014

No two pharmacies are alike, and that’s why ScriptPro has designed six robot configurations — we have the right fit for your pharmacy. 

ScriptPro installed the retail pharmacy industry’s first truly hands-free robotic prescription dispensing system in 1997. Since then, we have expanded our products to provide a full line of perfectly integrated solutions to help you meet the changing demands of today’s pharmacy industry.   »Read More and Post A Comment

QS1 POS: Enhancing Inventory Management

15 Aug, 2014

QS/1’s Point-of-Sale (POS) provides tighter control of front-end operations and profits 

Enhanced Inventory Management: Use POS to streamline inventory management: order and receive electronically, establish automatic reordering levels, and check in inventory.  »Read More and Post A Comment

KeyCentrix New Leaf Rx: Order-Based Solutions

14 Aug, 2014

Pharmacy management system with fully customizable workflow and order management that pharmacies can tailor for efficiency. 

Order-based solution for logically grouping items into orders for processing efficiency.  »Read More and Post A Comment

Kirby Lester: Full Suite of Pharmacy Automation

13 Aug, 2014

Full line of dispensing automation, including simple tablet counters, scan verification, workflow software, and robotic dispensing. 

Kirby Lester has the right solution to suit your needs: Affordable robots, count and scan-verify every order, and simple tablet counting.  »Read More and Post A Comment

CarePoint: Medication Therapy Management

12 Aug, 2014

CarePoint has been helping pharmacies reduce operating costs while providing more efficient and expanded services and benefits to patients for over 20 years, with systems that combine ease of use, robust functionality, and cost-effective operation with the highest standards of patient safety, security, and drug utilization safeguards. 

CarePoint pioneered MTM. Every CarePoint system we install includes our fully integrated MTM module — and we can integrate other commercially accepted programs as well. If your current or future plans include MTM services, often the hardest part is determining how to start — so start with the company that started it all.  »Read More and Post A Comment

Two Point Conversions: An Exceptional Reputation

11 Aug, 2014

Serving most pharmacy settings with data conversion, mining, warehousing, and archiving services. 

Easy Choice Two Point Conversions invented this industry and operates from a position of leadership through innovation and foresight. We make data transfer to your new system accurate, easy, economical, efficient, and — most importantly — secure.  »Read More and Post A Comment

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