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Looking to invest in technology for your pharmacy? These highlights from the 2014 Retail Pharmacy Buyers Guide are designed to help you learn more about what's out there and keep you up to date with the latest in pharmacy technology.

Flexible and easy to use pharmacy software by Speed Script

17 Dec, 2014

All-inclusive pharmacy management system and adaptable technology services. 

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Lagniappe Pharmacy Services Supporting Long-Term Success

17 Dec, 2014

Our pharmacy management systems provide a comprehensive set of tools and features that you need to meet today’s pharmacy market challenges. 

Regardless of your pharmacy type (from traditional corner drugstore to LTC facility) or size (single- or multi-store), Lagniappe Pharmacy Services (LPS) has a solution to optimize your pharmacy practice and business.  »Read More and Post A Comment

Increase Your Pharmacy Efficiency with Micro Merchant Systems

16 Dec, 2014

Pharmacy management systems; point of sale; e-signature capture; document management system; Web portal for nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, and long-term care; central database management for multistore owners; website and apps assisting patient refill requests; and iPad-based delivery module. 

Features that support efficiency include: 

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Focus on Compliance with Medicine-On-Time

15 Dec, 2014

Program of customized prescription-dispensing products, including consumer-friendly retail packaging legal in all 50 states; feature-rich workflow software; system hardware, including networkable computer processor and printers; and efficient packaging tools for either manual or automated filling. Also offers extensive education and training, as well as field-tested marketing support. 

Medicine-On-Time is powered by robust workflow software that integrates seamlessly with the top pharmacy management systems (PharmaServe, QS/1, HBS, Lagniappe Pharmacy Services, Rx30, etc.), or it can be used independently, as a stand-alone system.

With Medicine-On-Time your pharmacy won’t be tied to one dispensing format like other systems. You have the option to dispense in a weekly format with up to five administration times in a single card. Or in a monthly format with up to 35 days in a single card. There’s even a sequential format for single drug PRN or Stat therapies. Medicine-On-Time software can accommodate even the most challenging and complex dose schedules.

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TeleManager Technologies: On-site IVR

11 Dec, 2014

A suite of cloud-based total communication solutions, including VoIP telephone systems and IVR; integrated Web, mobile, and social media apps; and adherence solutions. 

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Synergy Medical: Factors Driving Automation

10 Dec, 2014

Synergy Medical: Automated robotic medication dispensing system for multidose blister cards. 

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McKesson Adherence Solutions

09 Dec, 2014

Use McKesson technology to connect with your patients and keep them informed of the services you offer to provide accessible wellness in their local community. 

A recent study on patient adherence showed that 27% of unclaimed 
prescriptions are due to patients not knowing a prescription is waiting at 
the pharmacy (according to 2011 study funded by NACDS Foundation).   »Read More and Post A Comment

Cerner Etreby: Pharmacy Management Features and Benefits

05 Dec, 2014

Developers of pharmacy management software solutions and services for the retail market, including independent community, chain, and health-system outpatient pharmacies. 

Pharmacy Management Features and Benefits At Cerner Etreby, we create leading edge pharmacy management software that our clients can use to facilitate best practices and help to improve drug therapy outcomes within their communities.  »Read More and Post A Comment

Manchac Technologies: DOSIS Technology and Value

03 Dec, 2014

Robotic solution is for filling blister cards, and fills, seals, and patient labels with direct interface to pharmacy software. Fills on demand and prepacks hands-free, including after hours, and based on start dates, quantity, and even anniversary filling for 1–31 doses per card.  

Canisters  »Read More and Post A Comment Community Healthcare Network: Delivering An EMR-EHR System

02 Dec, 2014

A standardized, portable, and interoperable electronic pharmacy record and new system for retail pharmacy clinics to perform and bill for clinical tasks. CHN is the end game for a strategy that Ken Hill, Sr., R.Ph., began to develop with PDX customers in the late 1980s. NHIH was chartered as a Texas company in 1991 to standardize data files for all PDX pharmacies so that billing information and PBM remittance advices could reconcile prescription transactions to the penny. PDX and NHIN would remain active in the worldwide effort to create a portable, interoperable electronic pharmacy record—a small but important part of the larger electronic healthcare record—in the ensuing decades.  »Read More and Post A Comment

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