Patient management platform to manage patients, including medication synchronization, transitional care, outbound notifications, refill reminders, mobile app, and Pharmacy Line IVR.  »More


Proprietary, cloud-based solutions with data integration and behavioral science at their core for community pharmacy that educate and inspire improved patient engagement, medication adherence, chronic disease management, transitional care, and population health.  »More


Pharmacy management systems armed with tools for remote delivery, mobile technology, interfaces, and document management, etc. that will allow their pharmacy to grow and adapt to the ever-changing pharmacy industry.  »More

TeleManager Technologies

Suite of cloud-based connectivity solutions, including VoIP telephone systems and call centers, cloud-based VoIP IVR solutions, interactive web, mobile and social media Apps, compliance and adherence solutions  »More


Services and solutions for inbound and outbound patient adherence and medication communication with integration to 70-plus pharmacy technology systems.  »More