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Five Ways Perpetual Inventory Managing Boosts Pharmacy

In this interview, Todd Treon, VP of eCommerce & Digital Marketing at Cardinal Health, talks about Cardinal Inventory Management (CIM), a powerful perpetual inventory tool that optimizes inventory with a direct impact on the pharmacy’s service level and bottom line. Find out how CIM works and five key benefits you can look for if you aren’t running perpetual inventory in your pharmacy.

Three Steps To Being So Good They Can’t Ignore You

I didn’t expect Steve Martin during a pharmacy conference general session key note presentation. The famous comedian, musician, author, and actor wasn’t there in person, but Jeff Key, president of PioneerRx and sponsor of the second general session, relayed some excellent advice from Martin at the center of remarks he made to conference attendees.

The Opportunity in Adherence

What’s the Big Deal: Why So Much Interest in Industry Trade Shows and Conferences?

CE Opportunity: Pharmacogenetics

The Network

How Phillips Health Mart Pharmacy Is Bringing Compliance Packaging to Retail

Dispensing Errors and Lawsuits: How To Avoid Them

Kirby Lester Pharmacy Forward Quick: How many strengths of levothyroxine are there our there? How many does your pharmacy stock? Ever dispensed the wrong strength? Ever been subject to an insurance claim and lawsuit as a result? Well, 75% of dispensing error claims are the result of providing the patient with the wrong drug or the wrong dose, and then there's providing the wrong directions for use to add onto your risks.

The Performance-Based Pharmacy Model

The Opportunity in central fill, adherence packaging, and SynMed Automation Solutions In ComputerTalk’s July/August cover story we surveyed chain pharmacists and IT managers to see which technologies are at the top of their priority list for improving workflow and clinical programs. One finding in the 2016 survey was the importance of central fill for workflow efficiency, allowing a pharmacy owner or manager to redistribute the filling process to give in-store staff more opportunities to counsel patients and cut down on wait times.

The Tools That Are Gaining the Most Traction in The Chain Setting Today

July/August 2016 Cover Story The results are in for our annual look at the state of the chain technology market. We highlight key findings from our 2016 survey, and this year we’ve also added something new: a roundtable discussion among three chain pharmacy executives where they highlight the most interesting topics and bring their perspective on technology needs and priorities.

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