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More on the technology trends impacting pharmacy:

[May/June 2017] Will-Call Technology: An Extra Step for Patient Safety

Manual will-call management is still the norm across pharmacy, but one pharmacy at Purdue University decided to take action and pilot an automated will-call system. Nicole Noel, Pharm.D., talks about the results. Find out why her staff can’t imagine going back to a manual will-call system.

[May/June 2017] Advanced Technology at Will-Call: scripClip Automated Will-Call Management

In this interview with ComputerTalk, PreceptiMed’s President, CTO, and Founder Alan Jacobs shares his inspiration for scripClip and his vision for will-call automation that focuses on technology that eliminates medication errors in retail pharmacies, long-term care facilities and hospitals.

[January/February 2017] Three-Clicks-or-Less Philosophy Drives User Experience at Computer-Rx

Computer-Rx has long been a leader in pharmacy technology. Late last year, the company announced that Lauren Warkentine had been appointed president. ComputerTalk writer Bruce Kneeland caught up with Warkentine to learn about her goals as she takes over leadership of the company.

The Back Page [May/June 2016] It’s a New World of Communication

voiceTech’s CEO Tim Garofalo shares with us the newest trends in interactive voice response (IVR) as it evolves from handling phone traffic to providing true interactive data analysis and a communication platform for pharmacy.

The Back Page [January/February 2016] Turning Struggles into Solutions

In this interview with ComputerTalk’s Maggie Lockwood, DataScan President Kevin Minassian shares his thoughts on what he sees as pharmacy’s survival and areas for growth.

The Back Page [November/December 2015] The Evolution of a System

For 35 years, Speed Script Pharmacy Management Systems and Services has provided a software system to pharmacists that addresses the needs and requirements of independent pharmacy by embracing change. In this interview, Heath Reynolds, Speed Script’s director of business development, shares the company’s excitement about the release of its new software.

The Back Page [September/October 2015] Pharmacy Driving Healthy Outcomes

Frank Sheppard has made the core of Ateb’s medication synchronization program the integration of “big data” into actionable steps through appointment-based models (ABMs). In this interview with ComputerTalk’s Maggie Lockwood, Sheppard talks about Ateb’s ABM platform and Time My Meds® medication synchronization program.

The Back Page [July/August 2015] Managing Inventory: The Challenges

Supplylogix recently held its second annual customer ideaXchange to discuss industry issues to help better deliver inventory solutions to retail pharmacy.

The Back Page [January/February 2015] The Future of Credit-Card Security

Retail Management Solutions CEO Brad Jones talks with what’s in store for community pharmacies preparing for the rollout of EMV chip-based security in credit cards.

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