332 Dante Court, Unit B

Holbrook, New York 11741


Phone: 631-698-6285


Summary of Products and Services Offered:

Pharmacy software solutions for independents, doctors’ offices, and hospitals, including pharmacy management software, point of sale, workflow, IVR, mobile applications, and more.

Primary Markets Served:

Independent and Small Chain Pharmacies,Mail Order Pharmacies,Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy,Assisted Living Pharmacies,Closed Door and Combo Long-Term Care Pharmacies

Other Markets Served:

Doctors’ dispensaries.

Number of systems installed: 

Not specified

Newest Products and Services:

Mobile applications for both Android and iOS markets.

Web-Based Offerings:

Web refill application that also allows secure viewing of profiles.

Platforms Supported: 

Windows,SQL,EDI with Wholesalers,HL7

Pharmacy Software Readiness:

Ready to support ICD-10:

Audited and approved for e-prescribing of controlled substances: Yes (within next 12 months)

Products and Services Offered: 

Pharmacy Management System,Workflow System,Central Host And Centralized Management,Front Store Point-of-Sale,E-Signature Capture,DME MAC-Medicaid Billing-Claims Submission,Data Analytics/Business Intelligence,Patient Web Portal,Mobile Smart Device Apps,Full Document Management,Mobile Delivery Tracking,Barcode Scanning,Central Processing (data entry and management),Compounding Software,Long-term Care Software,Specialty Pharmacy,Preedit Services,Drug Visuals,Off-Site Backup And Recovery,340B Revenue and Inventory Accounting

Interfaces with: 

DME MAC-Medicaid Billing-Claims Submission,IVR,Automated Counting,Robotic Dispensing,Compliance Packaging,Preedit Services,Data Conversion

Software Updates and Product Enhancements Frequency


Functionality Specifics:

Supports Adherence Programs via: Automation of Outbound Patient Calls,Patient Text Messaging,Patient Emails

Point-of-Sale System Offers: Price Updates,Multiple-vendor EDI Ordering,Customer Loyalty Cards,Pseudoephedrine Sales Log/Reporting

Other POS Features: Custom shopping between vendors.

Barcode Scanning: Data Entry,Rx Verification,Return to Stock,Will-Call Bin Management

Other Barcode Scanning Specifics: 

IVR: Outbound Messaging,Opt-In Programs

Other IVR specifics: 

Mobile Device Apps: Refill Requests,Location Details,Clinical "Push" Patient Messaging,General Marketing "Push" Messaging

Other mobile device app specifics: Secure profile viewing.

Automated Counting/Robotic Dispensing: 

Cell count range:
Cell capacity range (in CCs): 
Footprint of smallest robotic automation (square feet):
Offers compliance packaging features: 

Costs of Integration and E-Prescribing

Integration to Other Vendors' Systems or Services: Yes
Integration to Company's Own Systems or Services: No
Cost for Activating E-Prescribing Functionality: No

Trade Shows: 

Users Conference:

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