277 Howard Street

Boone, North Carolina 28607


Phone: 800-211-1172


Summary of Products and Services Offered:

Point of sale, back-office management, inventory control and replenishment, pharmacy system integration, mobile enterprise reporting, Web-based maintenance, house charge, payroll deduction, general ledger, customer loyalty, gift card, e-signature capture, NPLEx PSE tracking, IIAS compliance, supplier integration, and self-checkout kiosk.

Primary Markets Served:

Independent and Small Chain Pharmacies,Regional Chain Pharmacies,National Chain-Supermarket-Mass Merchandiser Pharmacies,Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy,Closed Door and Combo Long-Term Care Pharmacies

Other Markets Served:

Number of systems installed: 


Newest Products and Services:

Web-Based Offerings:

Browser-based analytics and back-office maintenance.

Platforms Supported: 

Windows,Linux,Software-as-a-Service,EDI with Wholesalers

Pharmacy Software Readiness:

Ready to support ICD-10: Doesn't Apply

Audited and approved for e-prescribing of controlled substances: Doesn't Apply

Products and Services Offered: 

Central Host And Centralized Management,Front Store Point-of-Sale,Portable-Mobile POS Terminal,E-Signature Capture,Full Document Management,Mobile Delivery Tracking,Barcode Scanning,Off-Site Backup And Recovery,Data Conversion

Interfaces with: 

Pharmacy Management System,Mobile Delivery Tracking

Software Updates and Product Enhancements Frequency

Functionality Specifics:

Supports Adherence Programs via: 

Point-of-Sale System Offers: Perpetual Inventory,Price Updates,Multiple-vendor EDI Ordering,Customer Loyalty Cards,Pseudoephedrine Sales Log/Reporting,Moving Inventory Between Locations,Inventory Pricing Based on Sales Ranking Reports

Other POS Features: A/R, e-commerce, and Web office.

Barcode Scanning: Data Entry,Return to Stock,Will-Call Bin Management

Other Barcode Scanning Specifics: 


Other IVR specifics: 

Mobile Device Apps: 

Other mobile device app specifics: 

Automated Counting/Robotic Dispensing: 

Cell count range:
Cell capacity range (in CCs): 
Footprint of smallest robotic automation (square feet):
Offers compliance packaging features: 

Costs of Integration and E-Prescribing

Integration to Other Vendors' Systems or Services: Yes
Integration to Company's Own Systems or Services: 
Cost for Activating E-Prescribing Functionality: 

Trade Shows: 

Cardinal Retail Business Conference,National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) Total Store Expo,National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) Regional Chain Conference,National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) Annual Convention,National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) Multiple Locations Conference

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