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Summary of Products and Services Offered:

A standardized, portable, and interoperable electronic pharmacy record and new system for retail pharmacy clinics to perform and bill for clinical tasks.

Primary Markets Served:

Independent and Small Chain Pharmacies,Regional Chain Pharmacies,National Chain-Supermarket-Mass Merchandiser Pharmacies

Other Markets Served:

Number of systems installed: 


Newest Products and Services:

An EMR/EHR system for retail pharmacy clinics that creates both a billing transaction and a clinical transaction for the patient profile and the retail clinic as a byproduct of clinical services provided to the patient.

Web-Based Offerings:

The new system is ASP based, while access to the interpharmacy EPR will also be available to patients via a secure Internet portal.

Platforms Supported: 

Platform Independent

Pharmacy Software Readiness:

Ready to support ICD-10:

Audited and approved for e-prescribing of controlled substances: 

Products and Services Offered: 

Interfaces with: 

Software Updates and Product Enhancements Frequency

Functionality Specifics:

Supports Adherence Programs via: 

Point-of-Sale System Offers: 

Other POS Features: 

Barcode Scanning: 

Other Barcode Scanning Specifics: 


Other IVR specifics: 

Mobile Device Apps: 

Other mobile device app specifics: 

Automated Counting/Robotic Dispensing: 

Cell count range:
Cell capacity range (in CCs): 
Footprint of smallest robotic automation (square feet):
Offers compliance packaging features: 

Costs of Integration and E-Prescribing

Integration to Other Vendors' Systems or Services: 
Integration to Company's Own Systems or Services: 
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Users Conference:

Rx.com Community Healthcare Network Strategic Planning Conference
Miam, Fla.
June 11-14, 2014

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