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The source for technology to add to your pharmacy. The Retail Buyers Guide includes profiles on the latest pharmacy management systems, workflow-specific systems, point-of-sale systems, dispensing automation, systems for LTC, and more. Plus, comparisons of markets served, interfaces offered, and products and services offered.

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SoftWriters: Powerful, Scalable Performance

29 Aug, 2014

Highly configurable, comprehensive pharmacy management software designed for operators interested in expanding their presence in the LTC, 340B, and institutional pharmacy markets. 

Powerful, Scalable Performance: As your business grows, so can FrameworkLTC. Because of its three-tiered client server design and Microsoft SQL Server database engine, FrameworkLTC can scale from a single computer up to a large network supporting hundreds of users. So if you have a single pharmacy, multiple pharmacies, or a central pharmacy with many satellites, FrameworkLTC will fit and grow with your business model.  »Read More and Post A Comment

Health Business Systems: The Smart Choice in Pharmacy Software

28 Aug, 2014

Windows- or Linux-based pharmacy management system and full line of technology to support all pharmacy environments: retail (single- and multisite), institutional/nursing home, mail order, and central fill. 

Patient Outcomes and Notifications... Compliance or Medication Therapy Management... Adherence Too! Supported.  »Read More and Post A Comment

TCGRx: Securely store at-risk medications

27 Aug, 2014

PharmLockRx allows pharmacies to securely store at-risk-medications (ARMs) while eliminating theft and diversion in your pharmacy. 

PharmLockRx access is restricted to specified users and requires biometric authentication for every entry. The system also has optional alarms that can be activated to notify administrators and pharmacists of incorrect medication, incorrect location, incomplete expiration date, andt insufficient quantity. Barcode scan verification is also used throughout the entire process to ensure the location and inventory of every medication.  »Read More and Post A Comment

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