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The source for technology to add to your pharmacy. The Retail Buyers Guide includes profiles on the latest pharmacy management systems, workflow-specific systems, point-of-sale systems, dispensing automation, systems for LTC, and more. Plus, comparisons of markets served, interfaces offered, and products and services offered.

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Synergy Medical: Up to 572 Dispensing Containers

21 Jan, 2015

Synergy Medical: Automated robotic medication dispensing system for multidose blister cards. 

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Best Computer: BestPOS Point of Sale

19 Jan, 2015

Best Computer: Pharmacy management systems, e-prescribing, point of sale, e-signature capture, prescription image scanning, workflow management, delivery signature capture, nursing home module, and Web refills, as well as IVR and robotic dispensing interfaces, and more. 

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Liberty Software: One Size Does Not Fit All

16 Jan, 2015


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