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The source for technology to add to your pharmacy. The Retail Buyers Guide includes profiles on the latest pharmacy management systems, workflow-specific systems, point-of-sale systems, dispensing automation, systems for LTC, and more. Plus, comparisons of markets served, interfaces offered, and products and services offered.

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Innovation: Optimizing Outcomes Through Pharmacy Intelligence™

31 Jul, 2014

Provider of pharmacy intelligence, including data analysis, simulation, and lean Six Sigma; workflow management; counting technologies; robotic dispensing; and high-volume solutions for all types of pharmacies. 

Innovation is the leading provider of pharmacy automation and process optimization solutions to the retail, hospital, federal healthcare, and mail-order pharmacy markets. Our PharmASSIST® and RxSafe® families enable all types of pharmacies to increase operational efficiency, reduce labor costs, enhance patient safety, and provide a higher quality of patient care.

Leveraging our unparalleled Pharmacy Intelligence™, you can right-size your automation, map out an attainable growth path, and optimize your entire operation, all while developing a proven ROI that validates your decision before investing. To view complete details on any of our products and services, go to:  »Read More and Post A Comment

KeyCentrix New Leaf Rx: One System, One Workflow, Infinite Possibilities

30 Jul, 2014

Pharmacy management system with fully customizable workflow and order management that pharmacies can tailor for efficiency. 

Leverage the power of order-based, exception-driven workflow with New Leaf Rx, by KeyCentrix. This unique combination enables custom configuration of your software to support ideal throughput and enforces best practices for single or multilocation pharmacy environments. New Leaf Rx software, combined with our consultative and comprehensive implementation approach, offers pharmacies a level of resources and service unlike anything else available in the industry.  »Read More and Post A Comment

Ateb: Med Sync for Adherence

29 Jul, 2014

Ateb’s adherence solutions for pharmacy are proven to increase medication adherence, generate prescription sales, and improve patient loyalty. 

Time My Meds® Comprehensive Medication Synchronization Solution. Improves adherence and increases proportion of days covered (PDC) scores by:  »Read More and Post A Comment

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