November/December 2013

National Community Pharmacists Association 115th Annual Convention and Trade Exposition

The National Community Pharmacists Association held its 115th Annual Convention and Trade Exposition in October in Orlando, Fla. This was a calendar highlight, as always, from the broad range of CE offerings that included a Saturday technology seminar to an exhibit hall with perhaps the widest array of technology on show for pharmacists looking for the latest.

For a slide show of attendees, click on any of the thumbnails below.

Cynthia Niles from Madison Pharmacy and Gifts with Mike Madsen from KeyCentrix.From left, David Chauvin from Barkers Pharmacy with Retail Management Solutions’ Karen Deckard, Chris Gage, and Mike Gross.Hector Cortez, left, and Carmen Jusino, right, from Farmacia Cristina with Parata’s Yon Larrea.Joel Hadfield from the Association of Northwest Pharmacists and Ateb’s Debbie Sheppard.
David Vasenden from Sierra Health Mart Pharmacy, right, with Dennis Hatchett from Rx30.Steven Pressman from Pill Box Pharmacy, left, with Jim Springer from McKesson.Julian Mathew, left, and Naz Hassan, right, from Bay Life Pharmacy, with iMedicare’s Flaviu Simihaian.From left, Integra’s James McDonald, Bill Cummins, and Todd Murray.
Pharmacist Scott Campbell, right, and Ryan Baker, second from left, of Baker’s Pharmacy of Jamestown, with voiceTech’s Luis Casas and Beth Bobowiec.Louise and Bill Matteson from Ballin Pharmacy, left and right, with Sherri Fenter, second from left, Jeremy Manchester, center, and Mark Bartlett from Liberty Software.Pete Hess from Mission Pharmacy Services, right, with Tom Davey and Emilie Boutin from Synergy Medical.Jagdeesh Gummella from Loisaida Drugs & Surgical, second from left, Sunil Mandalapu from New Amsterdam Drug Mart, center, and Kumar Suraneni from Melbran Pharmacy, right, are with Mark Adams, left, and Jessie Kaur, from ECRS.
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