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SoftWriters’ 7th Annual FrameworkLTC Users Conference

The SoftWriters staff shared updates with a record number of attendees at the conference in Las Vegas on the evolution of the core software as well as the rollout of the FrameworkECM content management and process automation system that was introduced last year. Breakout sessions offered attendees an in-depth look at different aspects of Framework functionality. Expert staff and a number of technology partners were on hand as well, both in the exhibit and networking area and in sponsored breakouts that provided a closer look at the ways their products and services work together with the FrameworkLTC suite.

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SoftWriters’ President and CEO Tim Hutchison welcomed attendees and outlined what to expect over the course of the users conference.Tim Tannert provided both a look at the year in review, a highlight of which were enhancements to e-prescription management, and also addressed the ways in which FrameworkECM is developing to address workflows and expand electronic content management.Venn Strategies’ Brian Reardon was back with the latest on the LTC legislative and regulatory environment. The main takeaway was to look for Congress to be more active in legislating on healthcare.From left, Glenn from Grandview Pharmacy, Aaron Drake from Skilled Care of Indiana, and Tim Hutchison.
From left, PayLess LTC Pharmacy’s Deanna Schalk, Lisa Olsen, and Travis Olsen.From left, Neil Medical Group’s Chad Benfield, Christi Danyels, and Rich Andrews.Morgan Honeycutt, left, from Matt’s LTC Solutions and Derek Brown from Symbria Rx Services.From left, Propac Pharmacy’s Cody McCausland with Forum Extended Care’s Fran Impastato and Sanjay Nannapaneni.
Steve Seigler, left, from Woodmark Pharmacy with Brett Gancarz from West River Pharmacy.From left, Merwin LTC Pharmacy’s Jay Hylander, Kelli Ackerman ,and Tony Charles.From left, Brian Hrad, Aaron Hagopian, and Jay Mandra from Symbria Rx Services.Barbara Brinkman and Jim Anderson from Long Term Care Rx.

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