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Catalyst Corner [July/August 2014] EHRs Can Pose Patient Safety Risks

A recent research report points out numerous patient safety issues associated with electronic health records (EHRs), in spite of evidence supporting the use of EHR systems to improve overall healthcare safety and outcomes.

George's Corner [July/August 2014] I Am a Gadget Nut

It seems that every day I see an announcement of a new gadget (sometimes several). The big change in the last few months is the prevalence of new health-related gadgets. Apple, Google, Motorola, and a lot of smaller names are talking about gadgets and software that have the potential to totally upset (or revolutionize) healthcare.

Publisher's Window [July/August 2014] ASAP Delivers

The American Society for Automation in Pharmacy (ASAP) recently held its midyear conference, offering a wide range of relevant pharmacy topics. The conference was well attended and well received.

Technology Corner [July/August 2014] Is a Vendor-Driven Market a Bad Thing?

Many pharmacists are so “in the weeds,” in that they are being consumed by the daily minutia of their operations, that we think it may be time for vendors to take a stronger position that will help prepare the profession to face a very different healthcare future.

ViewPoints [July/August 2014] Refresher on HIPAA and HITECH

Many aspects of pharmacy practice have been shaped by HIPAA and HITECH requirements… Two areas that have recently emerged as potential threats to privacy and security are pharmacy apps and pharmacist-patient interactions outside of the pharmacy counter.

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