Dispensing Automation


Provider of pharmacy intelligence, including data conversion services that are fully customizable; an intuitive tool that archives data and gives quick access; cloud-based backup service providing HIPAA compliancy for off-site storage and data recovery; data aggregation services; pre-acquisition analytics; printing services specifically for pharmacies; and a partnership program offering financial incentives for our services.  »More

Kirby Lester

Full line of dispensing automation, including simple tablet counters, scan verification, workflow software, and robotic dispensing.  »More

Manchac Technologies – DOSIS

Fully automated robotic dispensing machine that fills, seals, and patient-labels single medication blister card.  »More


Automation from a tabletop unit to a fully automated 256 cell dispensing robot.  »More


Fully integrated pharmacy management/workflow systems, robotic dispensing, retail telepharmacy, telepharmacy for sterile room med prep, IVR, mobile/web refill apps, mail service, central fill/specialty pharmacy support, compliance packaging systems, third party management, and point of sale. Systems are barcode driven and supported by ScriptPro's comprehensive drug image databases to ensure every prescription and medication order is filled with correct drug and strength and labeled correctly.  »More

Synergy Medical

Automated dispensing system for solid oral medications for pharmacies that use blister cards offering an accurate and effective solution for drug dispensing and verification tasks that allows pharmacy professionals to be freed from manual drug preparation tasks, focus on customer service and deliver a complete medication adherence/compliance program.  »More


Workflow design, automatic pill packaging and image verification of the packages, pill splitting and counting, vial dispensing, customized fixtures and storage, and more for pharmacies of all sizes.  »More