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Exclusive Web Content | More On Central-Fill: Q&A with McKesson’s Joe Tammaro

McKesson Pharmacy Systems & Automation High Volume Solutions VP of Sales Joe Tammaro gives ComputerTalk’s Will Lockwood his perspective on what pharmacies are doing with central fill and what questions you should be asking if you are looking to get started with it.

Exclusive Web Content | More On Central-Fill: Q&A with TCGRx's Matt Noffsinger

TCGRx SVP of Sales and Marketing Matt Noffsinger gives ComputerTalk’s Will Lockwood his perspective on what pharmacies are doing with central fill and what questions you should be asking if you are looking to get started with it.

Central Fill Process and Logistics | Fairview Pharmacy Services

More from Fairview Pharmacy Services' Kyle Skiermont, Pharm.D., vice president of operations, on how the pharmacy has built its central-fill process flows and logistics.

Central Fill Process and Logistics | Kinney Drugs

More from Kinney Drugs' Dave Adsit, R.Ph., director of pharmacy operations on how the pharmacy has built its central-fill process flows and logistics.

Central Fill Process and Logistics | Medical Center Pharmacy

More from Medical Center Pharmacy's George Awad, R.Ph., director of pharmacy, on how the pharmacy has built its central-fill process flows and logistics.

Central Fill Process and Logistics | The Pharmacy Counter

More from The Pharmacy Counter's Bryan Coehrs, Pharm.D., director of pharmacy operations, on how the pharmacy has built its central-fill process flows and logistics.

Central Fill Process and Logistics | Thrifty White

More from Thrifty White's Tanya Schmidt, Pharm.D., central sites operation manager, on how the pharmacy has built its central-fill process flows and logistics.

Central Fill Process and Logistics | United Rx

More from UnitedRx's Ami Patel, Pharm.D., director of pharmacy, on how the pharmacy has built its central-fill process flows and logistics.

Exclusive Web Content | The Adherence Advantage: SynMed Automation Gives Flexibility in Multidose Dispensing

Synergy Medical Founder Jean Boutin saw that while pharmacists were eager to meet their customers’ rising demand for multidose blister packs, they quickly realized how painstaking and error-prone dispensing in the cards the task could be. Part on of three.

Exclusive Web Content | PrescribeWellness and ABM: Bridging the Gap to Medication Adherence

PrescribeWellness CEO Al Babbington discusses how the appointment-based medication (ABM) process is important part of the puzzle when addressing two age-old problems: improved medication adherence and streamlined pharmacy workflow. Babbington describes how ABM can be implemented with new technology to improve efficiency, increase medication adherence, and drive additional pharmacy revenue.

Exclusive Web Content | PioneerRx's Jeff Key On Innovation

Watch PioneerRx managing director Jeff Key open the morning at the PDS Independent Pharmacy Growth Conference.

Exclusive Web Content | Real-Time Insights: Putting Business Intelligence to Work

The newest offering from SoftWriters, FrameworkBI, brings powerful business intelligence tools to FrameworkLTC users. In this interview Tim Tannert, R.Ph., vice president of operations, talks with ComputerTalk senior editor Will Lockwood about the insights pharmacies can gain into their operations by moving beyond simple reporting and into the real-time analysis a true business intelligence platform offers.

Exclusive Web Content | Which Pharmacies Are Now ePharmacies?

Should patient/customers have access directly to their pharmacy profiles? Some pharmacies already allow this option. Many organizations including independents, chains and outpatient hospital pharmacies now offer this option…

Exclusive Web Content | Medicare Tools for the Independent

Matt Johnson and Flaviu Simihaian have created an iPad-based, interactive Medicare plan comparison tool for the independent pharmacy market.

Exclusive Web Content | To Leave Behind a Better Future: Medication Adherence

Adherence. New word to pharmacists? New word to patients? New role for pharmacists? New role for patients? For medication adherence to be successful, the patient must embrace an “I’m helping myself” posture regarding his or her health.

Exclusive Web Content | Medicine-On-Time: Celebrating 25 Years Serving Community Pharmacy as A Business Opportunity

For 25 years Medicine-On-Time has offered solutions to improve patient medication adherence and revenue to the pharmacy. Here, John Kalvelage shares how the company continues to evolve.

Exclusive Web Content | voiceTech at 20

After 20 years of installing IVR system in pharmacies, voiceTech company co-founder and President Tim Garofalo explains how the company grew out of a phone conversation with his mother. From its beginnings handling inbound calls with an IVR system and five employees, the Sarasota, Fla., now has over 30 employees, and pharmacy clients in the United States and Canada.

Exclusive Web Content | NCPA 2013 Pharmacy Apps Round Table

Notes from the Monday afternoon Colleagues in Consultation round table at the 2013 NCPA Annual Convention in Orlando, Fla. You can click on the image at left to access the PowerPoint presentation from the Saturday technology track that we referenced.

Exclusive Web Content | The Changing Role of Pharmacy in America

In today’s era of managed care, the emphasis is on improving patient outcomes while reducing costs. Retail pharmacies should be at the center of this trend in healthcare delivery.

Exclusive Web Content | Star Standards:
 Are You Ready to Reinvent Your Career with the Changes in Healthcare?

Pharmacists, your careers just became much more exciting. With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, and star rating standard in particular, pharmacy professionals can seize the opportunity to become more proactive and forever shed the image of being reactive order takers.

Exclusive Web Content | How Can Mobile Point of Sale Benefit Your Pharmacy?

Mobile technology is changing the way we live and the way we do business in more ways than I can keep up with. But unlike many technology advancements that seem to overstimulate and distance us from the personal interactions of days gone by, a handheld register in the pharmacy actually creates a more personal and individualized customer experience.

Exclusive Web Content | Where’s Pharmacy Data Headed?

In this interview with ComputerTalk senior editor Will Lockwood, PDX’s Louis Martinez describes the efforts that this pharmacy technology company has been making to provide the right data management and analysis platform to clients and takes a look at where data may be headed next.

Exclusive Web Content | Will Automated Dispensing Systems Replace Counting by Fives?

Although manual counting will always be a part of our pharmacy environment, the real question is to what extent will counting by fives be reduced in the next five years. Some pharmacies with newer automated counting systems or automated dispensing systems have already reduced the number of manually counted prescriptions to 20% of their daily volume.

Exclusive Web Content | The New Mobile Delivery App: An Interview with Nathan Mott

McKesson ideaShare 2013 offered ComputerTalk senior editor Will Lockwood the chance to hear from Nathan Mott, president of McKesson Pharmacy Systems and Automation, about the latest tool the division is rolling out: McKesson Mobile Delivery App for the iOS platform. In this interview, Mott outlines the rationale for the app, the situations it was developed for, and where he sees things going once adoption gets rolling.

Exclusive Web Content | Pharmacy Advances in Digital Technology

McKesson ideaShare 2013 brought another new offering to McKesson customers. This time, it is a new way for pharmacies to rapidly develop a full-featured digital presence. Eyad Farah, senior director of retail product development, explained the Your Pharmacy Online digital and mobile offering to ComputerTalk senior editor Will Lockwood. Farah outlined the significance of the different parts of the technology suite, and the ways in which they support the ultimate goal of helping a pharmacy give its customers the choice of digital channels they want.

Exclusive Web Content | New Directions: Checking in with Parata’s Tom Rhoads

Parata CEO Tom Rhoads recently took a few minutes to sit down with ComputerTalk senior editor Will Lockwood to talk about new developments at the company. Rhoads focused in particular on one technology for compliance packaging called Parata PASS. In this interview, he outlines the trends that are increasing demand for this kind of dispensing automation and shares some of the insight Parata gained from its market research efforts.

Exclusive Web Content | What You Can and Should Be Doing With POS

Steve Bieszczat is senior VP of marketing at Epicor. He has been with the company for 25 years and has worked with POS for all of that time. He led the initiative to take Epicor into the pharmacy market, because he thought the market was under-served at POS. In this interview with ComputerTalk senior editor Will Lockwood, Bieszczat talks about how he sees POS encompassing inventory, price, and margin management, as well as reporting. He outlines where pharmacies new to the technology should look for early ROI and where old hands with POS can turn to achieve new gains in productivity and efficiency, with particular emphasis on the impact POS can have in a multilocation business.

Exclusive Web Content | Building On Success: An Interview With Integra's Louie Foster

Integra has built the dominant document software product over recent years, and now there's been a big advance with the company's release of DocuTrack v5. In this interview with ComputerTalk senior editor Will Lockwood, Louie Foster, director of product management, talks about the four year process of developing this newest version, which has been built from the ground up, and explains how it represents a shift in the company's approach, including a move to a new deployment platform and a new, more flexible PDF management tool.

Exclusive Web Content | From Handling Calls to Patient Care: Ateb Marks 20 Years

Ateb, based in Raleigh, N.C., first got into the pharmacy industry to apply large-scale telecom solutions to the pharmacy department. Twenty years later, the company has carved out a niche for itself in pharmacy, and maintains a vision to provide tools that allow pharmacists to communicate with their patients, and to manage their healthcare as well. The company's VP of sales and marketing, Debbie Sheppard, talks about the company's growth.

Exclusive Web Content | Nantucket Pharmacy Busy Spot on Island's Main Street

Nantucket Pharmacy, on the Massachusetts island's cobblestoned Main Street, has served residents year-round since the 1930s, according to owner Allan Bell, R.Ph. Bell, who moved to Nantucket from New Jersey 35 years ago, said during a busy summer day that there had been two pharmacies next to each other at one point. In 1986 he bought the other pharmacy, but the name of the pharmacy is still on the building's cornerstone.

Exclusive Web Content | Prescriber IDs and the CMS Call Letter

Matt Reichert, CEO of Health Market Science, a provider of solutions that leverage the industry's most comprehensive and accurate prescriber database, sat down recently with John Becker, representing ComputerTalk, to discuss the new provider data requirements defined in CMS-4157 and how the industry is reacting to the new requirements.

Exclusive Web Content | Prescription Drug Pedigrees

Shay Reid is VP of operations for AmerisourceBergen, where he worked alongside industry colleagues in the Prescription Drug Security Alliance (PDSA) to identify a national uniform solution for prescription drug traceability. That solution was proposed to Congress for inclusion in the 2012 Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA) reauthorization, but was not included in the final language that was signed into law.

Exclusive Web Content | Seeing the Technology, Envisioning the Applications

During 15 years in the industry, TeleManager Technologies cofounders Paul Kobylevsky and Val Gurovich have always watched the evolving technology with a view to how it can apply to the pharmacy. With the growth in social media and cloud-based options, Kobylevsky and Gurovich develop TeleManager’s offerings, such as the iRefill Connect suite and new Facebook app, with the pharmacy’s patients in mind.

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