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[May/June 2017] A Model for Success

National Community Pharmacists Association Independent Pharmacist of the Year Randy P. McDonough, R.Ph., Pharm.D., and partner Mike Deninger, Ph.D., have a rallying cry to explain the paradigm shift they are making at their two pharmacies in Iowa: ”Free up the pharmacist.” Find out what they are doing to implement a successful clinical practice model.

[May/June 2017] PSAOs: Giving Independents the Power to Compete

Pharmacy services administrative organizations, or PSAOs, play a central role for today’s independent and small chain pharmacies. Find out how these organizations have evolved and what you should expect from a modern PSAO.

[January/February 2017] How a Performance-Driven Workflow Pays Off

When pharmacy owner Jason Turner, R.Ph., learned how pharmacies benefit from meeting star rating goals, something clicked. If measuring the quality of outcomes is the direction healthcare was going, then his pharmacy needed a workflow that supported high marks in those areas. At his two pharmacies, he has developed a performance-driven workflow that gives the pharmacy control over its dispensing schedule by bringing patients into a synchronization program.

[January/February 2017] Customized Edits for the New World of Pharmacy

It seems as if the clinical, claims, and business practice contingencies a pharmacy needs to address are ever increasing, with the rules varying by drug, payer, and patient. Tim White, R.Ph., has seen great value in using manual edits in his pharmacy software, bringing a level of pharmacy-specific customization to the workflow logic that in years past an owner would have had to ask a developer to implement.

Cover Story [November/December 2016] Positioning Pharmacy for Success: Getting the Most Out of Technology in 2017

There’s a never-ending need to think several moves ahead when it comes to pharmacy’s opportunities for growth. What will your patients need in the coming year? What are the trends you should have your eye on? How will you overcome challenges, expected and unexpected? And what technology will position you to take not just your next move, but set the board for continued success?

Feature Story [November/December 2016] Pharmacy Offers Transition of Care to Build Successful Niche

A stint working in hospital pharmacy piqued the interest of Steve DiLollo, Pharm.D., in the clinical and collaborative areas of pharmacy. Now he operates a transitional-care practice alongside the traditional pharmacy at Colonia Natural Pharmacy.

Feature Story [November/December 2016] Marketing: A Key Business Builder

As pharmacy evolves from its historical dispensing role to a more clinical one, it appears that one little-discussed obstacle stands in the way of progress. That little-discussed obstacle: marketing!

Pharmacy Forward [September/October 2016] Roadmap to Innovation: New Services in the Cloud

VUCA Health CEO David Medvedeff talks about what it takes to develop a cloud-based service for pharmacy and about gaining traction for a new way of doing things, both with pharmacists and state pharmacy boards.

Cover Story [September/October 2016] Plugging into the Cloud: Is This the Future of Pharmacy Technology?

The cloud is where major players tech players are making their bets these days, with the goal of moving from delivering hardware and software to customers to providing these resources as flexible, even on-demand, services. This model isn’t new in the pharmacy world, but it may be time to take another look at the ways cloud-hosted services can benefit your operations.

Pharmacy Forward [September/October 2016] Cloud App or Web App?

The cloud gets a lot of press these days, and while you may feel like you have a good grasp of just what it is, there are some fine points that are worth considering. For example, is the service you’re looking at a cloud app or a Web app? In this interview, Brian Cole, director of development and data services for Net-Rx, An MHA Solution, explains how to distinguish between the two.

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