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Feature Story [May/June 2016] Will-Call Automation: The Next Frontier

Technology has been a very cost-effective solution to address growing prescription volumes and a building block for the evolving workflow in pharmacies. However, the main focus to date has been on the tasks taking place from prescription intake through dispensing and out to final verification. But there’s value in applying technology to the final step, will-call, as can be seen in the takeaways from a study conducted by The ThomsenGroup.

Feature Story [May/June 2016] Explore Your Financing Options for Automation Systems

When a pharmacy makes a technology purchase, there are a variety of factors to consider: the impact on workflow, the benefits to patient safety, and ROI, for example. But what about the smartest way to finance the investment? Learn about the key financing concept, and what you can do to gather information to make a sound financing decision. It can be the difference between a good investment and a great investment in your pharmacy.

Feature Story [January/February 2016] Concierge POS Delivery

Frank Bieda, R.Ph., manager of Community Surgery Center Pharmacy in Munster, Ind., developed a pilot bedside medication delivery service into a full-time program by deploying mobile POS in a process that is effective for the pharmacy and easy for the patient.

Feature Story [January/February 2016] Mastering the DSCSA: Embracing the Law to Protect Patient Health

DSCSA, also known as track & trace, poses compliance challenges for pharmacies. You now must think through the different approaches to compliance, and figure out how you can approach DSCSA as an opportunity to embrace the future of the supply chain while also preserving the age-old patient-centric priorities of the pharmacy.

Feature Story [November/December 2015] On the Cutting Edge of 340B: In-house and Real-time

To fulfill a business decision to move into 340B contract pharmacy in addition to operating as a 340B covered entity, Trillium Health executives asked for the ideal software to run the business, and their robotics vendor said, “We can do that.”

Feature Story [November/December 2015] The Opportunity in Specialty Pharmacy: Entrepreneurs Grow a Business

Pharmacy is a resilient profession, where opportunities exist in areas that allow forward-thinking owners to use their talents and energy to develop new revenue streams. In the case of specialty pharmacy, the requirements aren’t easy, but the technology is there for pharmacists to showcase their place in the market.

Feature Story [September/October 2015] Do Something Well, and Thrive, pt. 2

In this second of a two-part series, we find out about how and why successful pharmacy owners are focusing on the front end and developing a strong, individualized management philosophy, as well as why it is important for every pharmacist to get out there and network.

Feature Story [September/October 2015] Choosing Independence

Pharmacies today can face a number of roadblocks to success. But it is still possible to assert your independence and get the job done, both as a business person and as a clinical professional.

Feature Story [July/August 2015] Do Something Well, and Thrive

Profiles of pharmacy owners, managers, and industry observers that show how family-owned community pharmacies are not just surviving, but thriving. Find out what these success stories can tell you about building a pharmacy operation that excels at serving the community, provides a top-notch work environment for employees, and rewards ownership.

Feature Story [July/August 2015] Technology Financing: Considering the Options

Why two pharmacies decided to finance tabletop counters, how financing can help you maintain your cashflow while also getting the technology you need now, and some key areas of the process that you will want to give your full attention.

Feature Story [May/June 2015] The Effect of Appointment-Based Medication Synchronization on Clinical Services in a Community Pharmacy

The appointment-based model (ABM) for synchronization programs is gaining traction as a way for pharmacies to better organize and improve patient care. The ABM has been associated with improved adherence, prescription workflow, and time for clinical services. But what's the impact on revenue from prescription and clinical services and how well does it allows for the reallocation of time from prescription filling to clinical services such as MTM and immunizations?

Feature Story [May/June 2015] Filling a Void with a New Clinical Service

Rick and Marge McCoy, innovative pharmacy practioners over the years, have developed a collaborative drug therapy agreement (CDTA) at their Lopez Island Pharmacy to fill a void in clinical care due to limited staffing at the island’s only clinic. Here, Rick McCoy explains to ComputerTalk’s Maggie Lockwood the process and the Web-based program that allows the pharmacy to support the CDTA.

Feature Story [January/February 2015] Technology In-store Gives Pharmacists Time for Community, Patients

Jack Dunn and Frank Iannarone were honored by the National Community Pharmacists Association during its 2014 Annual Convention. Here’s a look at the technology that enables each to run a successful business.

Feature Story [January/February 2015] Proof of Concept: Compliance Packaging at Retail

The Fettman brothers had a vision to take Davies Drugs in a new direction. They saw compliance packaging for their retail patients as a way to create a service niche. Find out
how their vision has yielded results and put them out on the leading edge of adherence management.

Feature Story [November/December 2014] Is Your Pharmacy Safe from Hackers?

Over the last four years, 70% of small businesses that suffered a data breach were out of business within one year of the attack. Learn the best way to approach the complexity of PCI and HIPAA compliance requirements without straying from your business goals.

Feature Story [November/December 2014] Prescription Synchronization: System Functionality that Can Help

Synchronization has been described as one of the few instances where all parties win.
So why isn’t every community pharmacy implementing prescription synchronization? One reason is the limited support available in older pharmacy management systems.

Feature Story [September/October 2014] Pharmacy’s Growth Plan Embraces Automation

As Louis & Clark Pharmacy, which primarily serves long-term care facilities located near Springfield, Mass., experienced growth over the last few years — with the potential for more to come — owner Skip Matthews began to explore ways to automate filling multidose cards.

Feature Story [September/October 2014] Attending to Detail: Tools for Being a 340B Pharmacy

The federal 340B drug-pricing program continues to play an important role in supporting access to care through discounted drug pricing for qualifying healthcare organizations. There’s an ongoing level of interest in providing contract pharmacy services for this program as well. It’s a program that offers providers and patients a great deal, but that also requires pharmacies to pay careful attention to staying in compliance with the program’s rules.

Feature Story [July/August 2014] The Front Door Makes a Poor Drive-Thru: Crisis Recovery with Handheld POS

Pharmacist Brad Stultz found himself facing an unusual disaster when a customer accidentally drove into the front of one of his stores. But recovery was swift thanks to
mobile POS on hand in that provided almost-immediate continuity
of service for patients coming in for prescriptions. And Stultz has even converted the crises into an opportunity.

Feature Story [July/August 2014] Collaborate and Connect: How Integration Drives Modern Care Models

Timely data flow is coming to play an ever more central role and, fortunately, there are forward-thinking pharmacies out there that make excellent case studies of what it takes to make collaboration a reality. Grane Rx and SeniorLife are building on a partnership with integration provider BlueStep/BridgeGate Health to create the technology needed to participate in innovative care models.

Feature Story [May/June 2014] Investing in Robotics: Making the Case

How do you get a handle on what your real ROI will be when looking to invest in robotics? Find out how Dave Lutz both crunched the numbers and assessed the more intangible benefits to arrive at an estimate of the value he’s getting from his robotics at Rhoads Pharmacy.

Feature Story [May/June 2014] Specialty Therapy Management: A Pharmacy’s Strategic Vision

The newest specialty therapies can offer significant improvements in outcomes for what have traditionally been difficult-to-treat disease states. Find out how Burmans Medical Supplies is meeting the challenges posed by the latest hepatitis C protocols by using a proprietary Web-based clinical treatment management software platform.

Feature Story [January/February 2014] A Look at the Future: The Pharmacy Home Project

There’s a great deal of discussion about how the pharmacist’s role is changing from that of a pill dispenser to a provider of clinical services. And there’s a recognition that pharmacy technology needs to be more tightly tied into the health information technology spectrum to help this happen. We’re a little closer to that future now, thanks to a Web app, The Pharmacy Home Project, created by Community Care of North Carolina. You will see what this app is all about and how it’s being put into play to support enhanced care at the community pharmacy.

Feature Story [January/February 2014] Forging Ahead: From Retail to LTC to Specialty Pharmacy

Nick Karalis, R.Ph., didn’t get into pharmacy with the idea of running a specialty operation that’s grown into a 17,000-square-foot headquarters building outside of Philadelphia. Instead, he got to where he is through a very natural progression of leveraging the expertise he had developed in his retail and LTC operations, with the latter forming a particularly strong basis for a move to specialty. He tells us how he has applied these skills and his technology platform to the intricacies of patient, administrative, and disease management in specialty pharmacy.

Feature Story [November/December 2013] When the Price Is Right

With so many variables to track, keeping up with your prescription pricing is no easy task. Hear how three progressive pharmacy owners are using an automated prescription pricing service to stay competitive, maximize third-party reimbursements, and increase profits.

Feature Story [November/December 2013] Filling Fast, Preventing Errors: Automation’s Role

Pharmacists face daily pressure to fill prescriptions quickly and accurately, while also interacting with patients and managing other day-to-day clinical and business tasks. Find out how two pharmacists have deployed robotics and counting automation and organized their dispensing process to minimize errors while maximizing speed.

Feature Story [September/October 2013] Engineering Success: Pharmacies of the Great Northwest

The second installment of the author’s journey through the Northwest, visiting pharmacies that prosper in urban, suburban, and rural settings by offering a product, program, or service that extends beyond the practice of filling prescriptions.

Feature Story [September/October 2013] Community Pharmacy in the European Union

A visit to a community pharmacy in Kempen, Germany, showed the author how pharmacy practice in the E.U. can be different from and similar to what we do here in the United States.

Feature Story [July/August 2013] A PBM of a Different Stripe: A New Player, New Rules

Edward Reynolds is in an unusual position. He’s the owner of Bainbridge Pharmacy in Bainbridge, Ga., he’s the mayor of the town, and he’s the chairman of the board and an investor in a new company that is bringing transparency to benefits administration.
It turns out that you learn a lot when your role spans provider, sponsor, and administrator. Find out where Reynolds is seeing opportunity to reduce costs and improve plan design, all while keeping patients in the community pharmacy.

Feature Story [July/August 2013] Some of the Best in the Great Northwest

In this first installment of two documenting a recent road trip, the author recounts visits to independent pharmacies in the Northwest. The goal was to uncover the business and technology strategies successful owners are using to help their pharmacies thrive. From a strong focus on the patient and the clinical to insightful front-end strategies, discover the range of ways pharmacists are keeping the
independent spirit alive and well.

Feature Story [May/June 2013] QR Codes: A Digital Avenue for PMI

A small change is promising to make a big difference in efforts at Hobbs Pharmacy to make sure its patients have the medication information they need. What’s new? A QR, or quick response code.

Feature Story [May/June 2013] The Upside of Adherence

Adherence is a current buzzword in the profession. There are a variety of ways pharmacists can address the issue with patients. One is through drug manufacturers support of the pharmacist-patient interaction, or adherence.

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