Featured Pharmacist

Pharmacist: Jeffrey Fenerty, R.Ph. 

Title: Assistant Director of Pharmacy 

Pharmacy: Cabell Huntington Hospital 

Location: Huntington, W.Va.

Pharmacy Type: Outpatient System

Product Using in the Pharmacy: Kirby Lester 

Years System Used: 2 Years 

Key Features: "I was faced with two challenges: First, escalation of our prescription volume, and second, the ever-present potential for dispensing errors. All medication dispensing had been done by hand-counting, and our technicians were filling without the benefit of verification software and barcode scanning. Prescriptions are mostly 90-day fills, so they are time-consuming, and narcotics are hand-counted twice. That is a lot of manual process.

"I saw a demonstration of the Kirby Lester KL20, which is a combination product: scan verification software and a tablet-counting device. The KL20 is advertised as a tool to improve the prescription-dispensing process, and I am glad to say it lived up to its promise. It is an affordable dispensing technology that helped manage the rising prescription volume and eliminate the chance for dispensing errors. We are in a small space, and we didn’t have the room for a large device; the KL20 is tabletop sized and fits easily onto the countertop. Anything bigger would have been a challenge. It interfaced with the Rx30 pharmacy management software — orders flow directly from Rx30 to the KL20 after order entry. We have saved significant time in filling orders, especially for 90-day prescriptions. Our count accuracy is never questioned with the KL20. The pharmacy staff appreciates that the device confirms everything and prevents mistakes. It helps us with managing our inventory, knowing our technicians are matching NDCs.

"I would recommend the KL20 device for any outpatient pharmacy manager who needs to improve dispensing safety, shorten fill times, and handle an escalating workload without adding staff. The KL20 is the right technology to stretch the budget and accomplish several needs at once."

Yardi 7-2-2015