Featured Pharmacist

Pharmacist: Scott Graham, R.Ph. 

Title: Director of Pharmacy Operations 

Pharmacy: Lovelace Health System 

Location: Albuquerque, N.M. 

Pharmacy Type: Outpatient/Retail System

Product Using in the Pharmacy: ECRS Catapult 

Years System Used: 5 Years 

Key Features: The touch-screen interface of ECRS Catapult POS is user-friendly and easy to learn. Catapult’s enterprise capability makes it a great choice for pharmacies with multiple locations that need the ability to produce centralized reports. Catapult also includes the ability to load an OTC catalog to ensure accurate pricing throughout locations. Equally important as the ease of use and back office capabilities of Catapult is the customer support ECRS provides. During our recent pharmacy management system upgrade, the staff of ECRS worked very hard to develop a fully functional interface prior to implementation. Following implementation, any unforeseen issues that arose were quickly resolved by the support team.

Yardi 7-2-2015