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George's Corner [January/February 2015] Conventions Are Coming

A new year is upon us. Soon we all will be getting meeting notices: conventions, alumni reunions, CE meetings, etc. I have been to an awful lot of these gatherings and the different roles I've taken have given me different perspectives.

George's Corner [November/December 2014] Xstal Ball

This issue is all about what people think will happen next year. So I got out my crystal (xstal) ball and examined it carefully. Big blur — foggy ball — too many unpredictable influences.

George's Corner [September/October 2014] More Gadgets

In the last issue I said that in the future there would be more health/medical electronic gadgets. My computer told me about these — and I can’t resist adding some comments.

George's Corner [July/August 2014] I Am a Gadget Nut

It seems that every day I see an announcement of a new gadget (sometimes several). The big change in the last few months is the prevalence of new health-related gadgets. Apple, Google, Motorola, and a lot of smaller names are talking about gadgets and software that have the potential to totally upset (or revolutionize) healthcare.

George’s Corner [May/June 2014] Economics of the Drug World

A couple of weeks ago I shared with pharmacy students my views and experiences with drug economics. Putting the presentation together caused me to gather and review my thoughts after many years of working with the issues.

George's Corner [March/April 2014] Historical Reflections

Every now and then it is a good idea to stop and think about where we were and where we are. Thinking about how we got from there to here is worth pondering, if only to get a better understanding of ourselves and our surroundings. I hope the following reflections stir some memories of yours that need revisiting.

George's Corner [January/February 2014] Workflow Is Important

Making sure work flows instead of stumbles can make huge differences in your day. Every pharmacy needs workflow analysis on at least an annual basis. There are some easy things you can do if you take a few minutes to do them.

George's Corner [November/December 2013] The Future Is Coming — Finally

For too long pharmacists have been taking care of pills instead of patients. It looks like things are starting to change. The future is finally starting to happen.

George's Corner [September/October 2013] Fraud Exposed

My definition of fraud: when someone does something so that they will get more (usually money) than they are supposed to get.

George's Corner [July/August 2013] Track and Trace and Fail

The editors of ComputerTalk asked me to take a look at track and trace. I said OK, partly because the California State Board of Pharmacy’s e-pedigree committee had scheduled a meeting about it, and that would give me a chance to see some old friends and maybe even offer an observation or two.

George's Corner [March/April 2013] Buyer Beware, Seller Prepare

Buying decisions are decisions about the future. Huge changes are about to occur in healthcare delivery and the systems that will be supporting it. Understand as much as you can about what is coming and know that any decisions that you make need to be compatible with that future and your role in that future.

George's Corner [May/June 2013] I'm Retiring ... Again

This column and some of my previous ones are going to appear in that book. It’s going to be filled with stories that my wife is tired of hearing but I never tire of telling. One of my idols is Andy Rooney. He was a bit of a curmudgeon who looked at common things from a different and always interesting perspective. I hope that what I write will have some of that character.

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