Mail Order Pharmacies

Ateb, Inc.

Adherence solutions including med sync, comprehensive patient care, refill reminders, and pickup reminders via call and text, as well as IVR solutions. MORE>


Stand-alone or centrally networked pharmacy management systems, including workflow, inventory control, A/R, e-prescribing, Web refill, scanning, medication therapy management, 340B, and mobile access via text and email. MORE>

Cerner Etreby

Developers of pharmacy management software solutions and services for the retail market, including independent community, chain, and health-system outpatient pharmacies. MORE>

DAA Enterprises

Pharmacy management systems designed primarily for independent retail pharmacies, as well as for outpatient hospital and long-term care pharmacies; offering modules such as workflow, IVR, 340B, and automated counting/robotic interfaces. MORE>


Pharmacy software solutions for independents, doctors’ offices, and hospitals, including pharmacy management software, point of sale, workflow, IVR, mobile applications, and more. MORE>

Epicor Software

Retail management solution providing the same functionality used by the national chains, including point of sale, nonprescription inventory management, customer marketing/loyalty programs/gift cards, back-office management, analytics and dashboards, EDI supplier integration, pharmacy management system integration, and FSA functionality, as well as integration with major wholesalers.  MORE>

Health Business Systems (HBS)

Windows- or Linux-based pharmacy management system and full line of technology to support all pharmacy environments: retail (single- and multisite), institutional/nursing home, mail order, and central fill.  MORE>


Provider of pharmacy intelligence, including data analysis, simulation, and lean Six Sigma; workflow management; counting technologies; robotic dispensing; and high-volume solutions for all types of pharmacies. MORE>


Designs and develops pharmacy and workflow management systems for healthcare. MORE>

KeyCentrix - New Leaf Rx

Pharmacy management system with fully customizable workflow and order management that pharmacies can tailor for efficiency. MORE>


Pharmacy management software with a wide scope of functionality focused on efficiency, safety, and profitability for independent pharmacies. MORE>

Kirby Lester

Full line of dispensing automation, including simple tablet counters, scan verification, workflow software, and robotic dispensing. MORE>

Lagniappe Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy systems that offer prescription imaging, true FIFO inventory management, configurable workflow, fully integrated point of sale, nursing home and long-term care with eMARs, DME billing, claims reconciliation services, and more.  MORE>

McKesson Pharmacy Systems & Automation

Pharmacy management systems, central fill automation solutions, and business services to retail and outpatient pharmacies. MORE>

Micro Merchant Systems

Pharmacy management systems; point of sale; e-signature capture; document management system; Web portal for nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, and long-term care; central database management for multistore owners; website and apps assisting patient refill requests; and iPad-based delivery module. MORE>


Custom pharmacy reimbursement solutions, offering a full suite of products to help lower costs and increase profitability through claim and retrospective edits. MORE>


Software technology tools such as pharmacy management systems, IVR, workflow, automation, mobile products, and more. MORE>


Pharmacy automation systems that range from countertop counting systems to complete robotic dispensing. MORE>


Services for usual-and-customary pricing (U&C) management, reduction of claims paid at U&C, and long-term profit stability. MORE>


Fully integrated pharmacy management/workflow systems, robotic dispensing, telepharmacy, telepharmacy for sterile-room medication preparation, IVR, third-party management system, and point of sale. Systems are barcode driven to ensure every prescription is filled with the correct drug and strength and labeled correctly. MORE>

Synergy Medical

Automated robotic medication dispensing system for multidose blister cards. MORE>


Pharmacy automation solutions for long-term care, hospital, retail, and specialty pharmacy markets. Products include inventory management systems, automatic tablet packaging, individual retail automation systems, pharmacy fixtures, and customized pharmacy design services. MORE>

TeleManager Technologies

A suite of cloud-based total communication solutions, including VoIP telephone systems and IVR; integrated Web, mobile, and social media apps; and adherence solutions. MORE>

Transaction Data – Rx30

Combines prescription filling, nursing home, consulting, accounts receivable, workflow management, e-signature capture, IV processing, compounding, and integrated point of sale, with numerous vendor interfaces to provide independent pharmacy with a turnkey software dispensing solution. MORE>

Two Point Conversions

Data conversion and archiving services. MORE>


Services and solutions for inbound and outbound patient adherence and medication communication with integration to 70-plus pharmacy technology systems. MORE>

VUCA Health

Medication video library that delivers a digital medication experience to support patients and families. MORE>

Health Market Science