The Outlook

Find out what technology vendors think about the top clinical and operational features to look for; where we are with star ratings; the features driving performance; continuity-of-care tools; optimal pharmacy strategy; regulatory challenges; security; and more.

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Outlook 2015: AmerisourceBergen Technology GroupMore from... Sid McFadden

Outlook 2015: AtebMore from... Frank Sheppard

Outlook 2015: CarePointMore from... Rachel Cupp

Outlook 2015: Catalyst HealthcareMore from... Kasumi Oda

Outlook 2015: Cost Effective ComputersMore from... Shaun Campbell

Outlook 2015: CoverMyMedsMore from... Ron Fine

Outlook 2015: DatascanMore from... Kevin Minassian

Outlook 2015: ECRSMore from... Ashlee Weatherman

Outlook 2015: EpicorMore from... Keith Lam

Outlook 2015: Hamacher Resource GroupMore from... Dave Wendland

Outlook 2015: Health Business SystemsMore from... Marty Spellman

Outlook 2015: Health Market ScienceMore from... Dan Schofield

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Yardi 7-2-2015