The Outlook 2016


Find out where technology vendors see pharmacies making investments and what technologies should be used more.

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And find out where pharmacies will make investments and what they'd like to see from technology vendors.

» The Pharmacist's Outlook: Aubrey Health Mart Pharmacy
Stephen Coomes


» The Pharmacist's Outlook: Coborn's & Cash Wise Pharmacies
Jim Cox

Director of Pharmacy Operations

» The Pharmacist's Outlook: Fruth Pharmacy
Jeff Pitts

Director of IT

» The Pharmacist's Outlook: Multicare Health System
Ken Warter


» The Pharmacist's Outlook: National Pharmacy LTC
David McGraw

Pharmacy Director

» The Pharmacist's Outlook: University of Maryland School of Pharmacy
Joey Mattingly

Assistant Professor

» The Pharmacist's Outlook: Family Health
Brenda Reitz

Staff Pharmacist


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