Prioritizing New Development

Outlook 2014: Prioritizing New Development

How do you prioritize the new products and services that you develop?

Frank Sheppard

Working with our customers. Ateb has created a five-year vision and strategy that we continually update. This strategy provides the framework that Ateb uses to establish our specific solution development schedules. Ateb also works with our customers to make sure that our solutions’ roadmap will provide the functions they require in a timely manner.

Avery Weigh-Tronix
Bob McFarlane
Eyecon National Sales Manager

Listening to customer feedback and evaluating technology opportunities.

Geoff Cooper

We have an overall roadmap and business plan that is reviewed annually. Final products features and releases are then prioritized based on requests from our customer base.

Jim Whitney
President & CEO

We constantly monitor government and industry requirements to insure they are available well prior to deadlines. Since a great portion of our new product development comes directly as a result of input from our users, we evaluate the input based on the benefit it brings to the broadest range of our users.

Catalyst Healthcare
Kasumi Oda
Director, Strategic Marketing

Market demand, trends, and social responsibility – the cost of not taking meds as prescribed is astronomical ($290 billion per year!), yet the technology & services exist to drastically reduce those costs. We look at what we can introduce that will have the most impact for our pharmacy and facility customers, and focus on making it accessible.

Cerner Etreby
Mike Etreby
Director, Solution Managment

We prioritize them based on the volume of clients who would benefit from them, and if they are required for regulatory compliance.

Kevin Minassian
Vice President

Based on of industry/client needs as well as prioritizing projects based off of requirements that must be met from industry regulators and third-party companies.

Ashlee Weatherman
VP of Marketing Customer

Demand, regulatory compliance, and potential impact for the business and its consumers.

Todd Evans
Vice President, Operations, Pharmacy Services

Our new products and services are prioritized based on customer demand and market sensing efforts to predict future needs and challenges.

Emporos Systems Corp
Greg Phillips

Customer need and compliance requirements.

En-Vision America
David Raistrick
Vice President

New products and innovation have always been our focus. We have made strides to make our labeling systems easy for both the pharmacy and the patient. Our efforts have been noticed and now there is new guidance available from the U.S. Access Board on how to make prescription drug container labels accessible to people with vision impairments or who are elderly.

Epicor Software Corporation
Keith Lam
Senior Product Manager

We prioritize our new products based first on regulatory mandates and on market needs as determined by Epicor customers and the overall drug store and pharmacy market.

Hamacher Resource Group
Dave Wendland
Vice President

They must bring value to our wholesaler, retailer, or technology business partners while enhancing the consumer healthcare shopping experience at retail.

Health Business Systems
Sheri Zapp
Vice President and General Manager

Engaging with our clients and the industry and translating knowledge acquisition into product roadmap meetings.

Health Market Science
Daniel Schofield
Director of Provider Verification Solutions

For the most part, HMS prioritizes new products and services based on customer feedback as well as by evolving regulatory mandates.

Healthcare Data Solutions
Miranda Rochol
VP, Product & Strategy

We prioritize any new products along with existing product enhancements in conjunction with our Pharmacy partners. Any legal requirements will automatically be put to the top of the queue. Any other enhancements or new products will be placed in the order of importance as our pharmacy partners collectively advise.

Bill Holmes

Based on customer request and market opportunity.

Flaviu Simihaian

We listen to our nearly 1,000 independent pharmacy customers.

Doyle Jensen
EVP, Global Business Development

Customer demand derived through constant grassroots input. We always have our ear to the ground following the evolution of the healthcare marketplace, legal requirements, and market trends.

Kevin Welch

Customer input is the primary mechanism that we use to prioritize our new products and services. We supplement this with our observations of industry trends, technological innovation, and regulatory changes.

Kirby Lester
Christopher Thomsen
VP, Business Development

Kirby Lester listens to customers, both current customers and prospective customers. They tell us everything we need to know when it comes to running their pharmacies better, with less overhead, and with safer processes.

Lagniappe Pharmacy Services (LPS)
Clarence W Lea, R.Ph.
VP, Marketing and Industry

Our development is based on regulatory and market dynamics coupled with our vision of supporting our customer's business growth.

Manchac Technologies
Monroe Milton

We prioritize our product development efforts based on our ability to deliver the most impact to the pharmacy operations. In other words, we target solutions for the most painful parts of the operations taking into account how quickly we can deliver such solutions to the market.

John Kello

Being first to the market presents MatchRX with a unique opportunity to further innovate solutions for the pharmacy community. We have listened and learned from over 2,400 members across 33 states pertaining to industry challenges. We prioritize our new products and services based upon the operational and financial savings opportunities for our members.

Micro Merchant Systems
Ketan Mehta

Firstly we look at what benefits all pharmacies in the industry as general and such features are usually accommodated first. Also features that impact pharmacy liabilities to Audits and bottom line are addressed first. Lastly, we are always listening... There is never a feature too big or small for us to undertake, and we basically keep listening to what our customers want and simply provide them those features through our products and services

Jeff Key
Managing Director

Based upon customer feedback.

Al Babbington

Based on the biggest immediate impact to bottom line.

Michael Ziegler
Market Analyst Sr. Manager

We use many different variables when evaluating product and service priorities. We use resources such as customer input, industry trends and market analyst research.

Retail Management Solutions
Mike Gross
VP Sales and Marketing

Most enhancements and new products are both market and customer driven.

Chuck Cannata

We consider three variables: Perceived necessity, project scope, and time to market. Typically if a high demand project is in development we will hire outside resources to compress the deliverable window to <120 days.

Mike Coughlin
President & CEO

Based on the evolving needs of our customers and the challenges and opportunities of pharmacies that are operating on the leading edge of the industry.

Heather Martin
VP of Sales and Marketing

We take a two-tiered approach. SoftWriters identifies regulatory changes or market pressures and opportunities where first-to-market functionality provides SoftWriters’ customers an advantage. Additionally, a large number of application enhancements come directly from our customer base.

Speed Script
Chuck Welch
Executive Vice President, Chieft Technology Officer

We prioritize by determining the best benefit for our customer base.

Matt Noffsinger
Senior VP Sales & Marketing

We put attention on things that save our customers money or that make our customers money. That can result in product improvements or in entirely new product developments.

Transaction Data Systems
Steve Wubker

Customer demand and innovative spirit.