Technology To Use More

Outlook 2014: Technology To Use More

What products or features are pharmacists are under using?

Frank Sheppard

Pharmacists and pharmacies are underutilizing their data! Pharmacy data and the analytics associated with it give pharmacists the roadmap to manage and grow their pharmacy. Within every pharmacy, there is a “treasure trove” of patient and prescription data that gives pharmacists the opportunity to significantly impact patient healthcare outcomes and increase the pharmacy’s prescription volume. Ateb is working with our pharmacy partners to unleash this data in simple, direct, and actionable ways.

Avery Weigh-Tronix
Bob McFarlane
Eyecon National Sales Manager

Table-top validation and counting technology can provide a very cost-effective solution to ensure that they right quantity of the right drug is dispensed to the right patient. Using table-top counting technology to perform physical inventory.

Jim Whitney
President & CEO

Some of the key features we feel are being underutilized are the inventory management and business analytics and reporting that are built into the system, and which if taken advantage of, can have significant positive impact on the pharmacy’s bottom line. We need to do more to educate pharmacists on the use and benefits of these tools.

Catalyst Healthcare
Kasumi Oda
Director, Strategic Marketing

Automation for compliance packaging: manual preparation of meds into patient-specific multidose packaging is time consuming and error prone. All pharmacies can benefit from the accuracy and efficiency gains of automation; only a select group can do so due to budget and space constraints. Inventory tracking software: managing meds to the dose-level drives efficiencies from wholesaler to patient. To truly manage costs and improve outcomes, this is the direction the industry has to move.

Cerner Etreby
Mike Etreby
Director, Solution Managment

Inventory control/management.

Kevin Minassian
Vice President

Mobile and web based applications, not running enough reports to watch over where they can improve, not using the rewards programs and promoting them well in-store.

Emporos Systems Corp
Greg Phillips

Patient web access and mobile apps for refill and notifications.

En-Vision America
David Raistrick
Vice President

Pharmacies need to continue to find ways of extending the pharmacy counter into the home of the patient and play a larger role in the healthcare model. Providing value-added benefits that the physician cannot supply related to medication instructions and patient safety are imperative.

Epicor Software Corporation
Keith Lam
Senior Product Manager

Loyalty programs, inventory management, business intelligence dashboards, and pricing tool software/applications.

Hamacher Resource Group
Dave Wendland
Vice President

Digital media and one-to-one, personalized communication capabilities.

Health Business Systems
Sheri Zapp
Vice President and General Manager

Operational reporting and patient engagement tools.

Health Market Science
Daniel Schofield
Director of Provider Verification Solutions

Pharmacists may or may not be aware of next-generation verification services. They are certainly under increasing pressure to verify prescriptions at the point of service. Reasons include third-party audit prevention and detection of fraud, waste or abuse. Typically this information is checked retrospectively by corporate compliance, but as business and regulatory pressures mount, real-time verification of claims at the point of service is fast becoming an urgent need.

Healthcare Data Solutions
Miranda Rochol
VP, Product & Strategy

Real-time access to accurate prescriber information along with subsequent real-time analysis of a given prescription written by a given prescriber.

Bill Holmes

Currently all retail pharmacy automation is under utilized.

Flaviu Simihaian

Tablets and smartphones.

Doyle Jensen
EVP, Global Business Development

Workflow management reporting, performance analysis, and will-call solutions.

Kevin Welch

Many pharmacies are still relatively inefficient and are poorly prepared in case disaster strikes. Few, if any, pharmacies are using innovative business process automation tools like Integra’s Logix. Tools like this can have an immediate payback that can immediately improve the bottom line and level of customer service.

Kirby Lester
Christopher Thomsen
VP, Business Development

Pharmacy management allows the under-utilization of safeguards that are in place to prevent errors. A good example is the technician prescription verification step -- we see it skipped all the time. The reasons usually stem from two problems: a tech is confident he or she is better or faster than technology, or a pharmacy manager is unwilling to enforce its usage. Management can't be afraid to mandate SOPs: Use the technology every time, because it's there to protect you, me, the pharmacy, and the patient.

Kneeland Services
Robyn Kneeland Amberg
General Manager

Patient engagement tools.

Lagniappe Pharmacy Services (LPS)
Clarence W Lea, R.Ph.
VP, Marketing and Industry

Product Inventory is under utilized. Today's technology eases the implementation of our true FIFO inventory program. Increasing turns provides a solid ROI. Mobile connectivity to patients is essential for community pharmacy to match the convenience offered by larger chains. POS and e-signature are quickly becoming required solutions for retail pharmacy practice. Pharmacies need to avail themselves of all of the functionality these technologies offer.

Manchac Technologies
Monroe Milton

Electronic reordering should be the standard. Digital faxes with software are an improvement over traditional faxes but still require significant manual involvement. There should be no human interaction needed for typical refills from the time the nursing home requests it to the time it is being filled on the pharmacy floor.

John Kello

Pharmacists are not leveraging technology to improve operation efficiencies. Low-cost Web-based marketplaces like MatchRX, deliver a revolutionary solution to a long standing problem faced by pharmacies – managing the cost of inventory. By connecting neighborhood pharmacists across the US, we enable our members to buy and sell overstocked non-controlled, non-expired prescription drugs at discounted prices. The result is a new revenue stream for the pharmacy generated from the sale of overstock to other member pharmacies. In addition, the member pharmacies save 10% - 90% off the standard wholesale cost when purchasing from the marketplace.

Micro Merchant Systems
Ketan Mehta

Accurate inventory is something that everybody wants, but nobody goes through the processes that they need to follow to keep an accurate inventory. Pharmacies rarely use the features of SMS/Txt and/or email to communicate with their patients. This is something that is changing but not as widely used they way it should be. Data segregation and mining can provide pharmacies a ton of abilities to segregate their data and then use reports that will allow them to gather intelligence and forecast growth, but this is something that we feel is under-utilized as well.

Jeff Key
Managing Director

Patient medication synchronization tools.

Al Babbington

Adherence services and leveraging technology to grow customer relationships.

Michael Ziegler
Market Analyst Sr. Manager

Web refills, texting, mobile apps, PPE, remote backup services, and Part B documentation.

Retail Management Solutions
Mike Gross
VP Sales and Marketing

Pharmacies are starting to look for other products and service offerings that can give them additional profits than traditional script filling. We’ve seen an uptrend in stores wanting ways to track and understand their business better by determining areas of the store they need to invest in, versus other areas they need to limit.

Chuck Cannata

Too many pharmacies overlook the importance of their cash business and the contribution this business makes to their bottom line. Most pharmacies discount the cash business because it represent less than 10% of the pharmacies overall business. However, the cash business has two fundamental functions in today's independent pharmacy: 1) For pharmacies well established in their communities, cash pricing is a powerful tool to draw new patients into their pharmacy where their staff can then develop relationships to keep them coming back, and 2) Although cash represents a single digit percentage of overall business, cash transactions more times than not makes up a double digit percentage of net profit. Cash transactions are unavoidably more profitable than 3rd party transactions, unless all of a pharmacy's 3rd party claims are paid at U&C, in which case there is another issue.

Chris Cox
Vice President

Automation can greatly increase a pharmacies efficiency. Filling robots and will call systems can give independents the edge over chain competition.

Jessica McGowan
Marketing Manager

Pharmacists are under using both our written translation solutions (both our integrated and stand-alone versions) and our verbal on-demand phone interpreting. Mostly, we believe this is due to a lack of awareness by both patients and pharmacy staff about our pharmacy language services. Even with increasing legislation, many pharmacists are still unaware of the needs and requirements to provide language services to their limited English proficiency patients. Non-English speaking patients are unaware that translation and interpreting services are available to them when they are filling a prescription. When LEP patients visit a pharmacy to fill a prescription they are unaware that services are available to print their directions for use, warning labels and patient education sheets in their native language. They are also unaware that if they have questions there is a service available for them to speak directly with a pharmacist in their native language through an interpreter. RxTran has created multilingual signs for pharmacists to post (that are compliant with all mandated regulations) that make LEP patients aware that language services are available.

Mike Coughlin
President & CEO

Patient traffic management and queuing systems that can direct patients to the pharmacies best suited for them and at the time of the day when they can be best served.

Heather Martin
VP of Sales and Marketing

We feel that our customer base underutilizes SoftWriters’ perpetual inventory functionality, included in our solution, FrameworkLTC. This module has the possibility of providing great insight into the operations and profitability of the pharmacy and it is our opinion that greater adoption by the customer base would have
an extremely positive impact.

Speed Script
Chuck Welch
Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer

Inventory control, document scanning, small business functionality, and Internet/online technologies.

Synergy Medical
Tom Davy
Western Region Manager

Dispensing automation.

Matt Noffsinger
Senior VP Sales & Marketing

InspectRx is a product which will deliver immediate savings to a pharmacy and allow them to reallocate resources to more value added activity. Any pharmacy that is using an ATP should be considering our InspectRx device.

TeleManager Technologies
Paul Kobylevsky
Vice President

Social Media Apps.

Transaction Data Systems
Steve Wubker

Automation and inventory control.