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Outlook 2014: New Products and Services

What new products and services will you introduce in 2014?

Marty Francom
General Manager

Weno Prescriber List, which is a program to look up prescriber information in a Weno database, and Weno Easy Script integration with the Apothesoft pharmacy software.

Frank Sheppard

Pharmacy Line Version 10, which includes changes to help pharmacies manage protected health information (PHI) stored in the IVR. This update addresses the security and privacy requirements from the Omnibus Final Rule effective March 25, 2013. Also continuing to add functionality to our Time My Meds medication synchronization solution; adding more pharmacies using our comprehensive patient care solutions for chronic conditions; integrating our CMS-compliant medication action plans into a turnkey “transition-of-care” programs to simplify how pharmacy can effectively manage hospital discharge patients to prevent unnecessary readmissions; partnering with forward-looking pharmacy organizations to operationalize and monetize new revenue streams through pharmacy-based patient care models; helping pharmacy to understand and leverage their existing wealth of pharmacy data to capitalize on innovative ways to capture additional revenue from their existing patients and by adding new patients and revenue streams.

Avery Weigh-Tronix
Bob McFarlane
Eyecon National Sales Manager

The Eyecon C, which will save three color photos of the every Rx dispensed: 1) Every pill lying on the tray, 2) Looking down directly in the filled patient vial, and 3) The label applied to the vial. These photos can be used to provide photographic documentation that the prescription was dispensed correctly, support PV2 from a remote site for workload leveling between locations, and support telepharmacy for rural pharmacies.

Geoff Cooper

We will be adding CareSupport to our MedSupport eMAR for persons with chronic conditions. Our provider and facility customers have been asking to extend the product to improve adherence and health outcomes by linking medication management, vitals, care tasks, and behavioral observations to track and enhance wellness.

Jim Whitney
President & CEO

New and expanded versions of our existing Web refill and mobile app offerings, and enhancing and expanding adherence/compliance tools both with internal development and seamless bidirectional interfaces with third-party offerings.

Catalyst Healthcare
Kasumi Oda
Director, Strategic Marketing

App reminding people at home to take their meds.

Cerner Etreby
Mike Etreby
Director, Solution Management

Bedside delivery module.

Kevin Minassian
Vice President

Mobile Refill Application for Apple market (already have Android), integrate credit card processing into our mobile delivery application, deliver a centralized filling queue that organizes RX's from all different sources and gives pharmacist a 'to-do' list based off of priority, continue building in comparitive reporting into our central reporting system, and continue building reports that help show more detailed specifics within the pharmacy such as busy times, most productive tech/pharmacist, busier days/weeks/hours, help identify top customers by spend as well as RX volume, etc.

Ashlee Weatherman
VP of Marketing

LoyaltyBot, which is essentially a rules engine, hosted within ECRS' Catapult system, that allows the merchant to push points and e-coupons out to consumers via email. For example, merchants can set thresholds to trigger store e-coupon notifications to be emailed to consumers on their birthday or any number of specific holidays. Thresholds can also trigger emails based on specific shopping behaviors. With Catapult's e-coupon functionality, no physical coupon is needed for redemption. Instead, the e-coupon will automatically be applied to the customer’s transaction during their next store visit if all the coupon redemption requirements are met by the consumer within the required time frame. BuzzBot is a social media analytic tool that functions as a subcomponent of LoyaltyBot. This feature rewards consumers for sharing store marketing efforts such as newsletters, social selling campaigns, and promotions with their friends via social networking sites. Also Catapult transaction server and Appriss reporting for PSE sales tracking.

Emporos Systems Corp
Greg Phillips

Technology refreshed rewrite of the intuitive MerchantSoft POS with many improved feature/functions to improve the customer experience with the new interactive touch display.

En-Vision America
David Raistrick
Vice President

New products that allow pharmacies to provide alternate label formats for seniors and those with vision impairments, including ScripAbility suite of accessible labels that includes large print (ScripView), audible (ScripTalk), and braille. These label formats allow a patient better ways to read and understand their medication labels, which leads to adherence and safety with their medications.

Epicor Software Corporation
Keith Lam
Senior Product Manager

A pharmacy-branded loyalty app that provides loyalty point information, store information, promotions, coupons and links to pharmacy mobile Internet site. Also, a delivery App to allow delivery of prescriptions to hospital bedside, homes, care facilities and government agencies (i.e., prisons, military bases, etc.).

Health Business Systems
Sheri Zapp
Vice President and General Manager

Patient engagement module and smartphone refill application.

Healthcare Data Solutions
Miranda Rochol
VP, Product & Strategy

A new user interface that will allow Pharmacies to search for prescribers and see their real-time prescribing authority levels. And real-time integration into multiple pharmacy software solutions that will enable a pharmacy user to select an active prescriber record, attach it to their prescription, and further validate whether or not the prescription is eligible for reimbursement based upon the prescribers status.

Health Market Science
Daniel Schofield
Director of Provider Verification Solutions

Prescriber eligibility (Pe) is a real-time solution that integrates with pharmacy dispensing systems to validate prescriber credentials at the time of Rx processing. Pe provides audit defense, traceability to authoritative source files, payer configurations, and real-time reporting. Health Market Science is set to release several new features of this application, including prescriptive authority to give pharmacies the ability to verify whether an individual has the appropriate authority to prescribe based on state level credentials including the appropriate controlled substance rights; state level controlled-substance verification, via a partnership with Medi-Span, that verifies whether an individual has the appropriate DEA rights to prescribe a controlled substance based on the state’s scheduling of the drug rather than federal; and prescriber alerts to provide messages to the pharmacist regarding a prescriber that may not be based on HMS’ authoritative data, e.g., a doctor is suspected of over prescribing narcotics, has yet to be sanctioned or have any license impact, but the pharmacy would like to block prescriptions for this prescriber. Also, prescriber remediation services (PRS), a solution that enables systems with high volumes of input (retail pharmacy, mail-order, etc) to match, verify, and report results to ensure risk is not introduced into pharmacy systems. HMS is planning many enhancements to the prescriber remediation transactional solution, including enabling a transactional interface to provide a means for pharmacists to add prescribers in the transaction process and get real-time feedback prior to processing the script and submitting the claim to verify prescriber credentials and prescriptive authority. Currently, PRS is available as a batch processing solution. HME plans to implement a new delivery option this year, as well.

Flaviu Simihaian

iMedicare+ with new ways for pharmacies to help Medicare patients save more money on their plans and have peace of mind they will be covered everywhere they go.

Doyle Jensen
EVP, Global Business Development

From a hardware perspective, we will introduce a compliance packaging device for use in retail, high volume/central fill, and outpatient pharmacy settings. We are also in the midst of rolling out our new Model 4 dispenser (PharmASSIST Dispenser M4), which is the first medication dispensing technology in the industry that has the capability to self calibrate the counting of new medications at a pharmacy. From a software standpoint, we plan to integrate various adherence-related software systems with our PharmASSIST Symphony workflow management platform.

Kevin Welch

Nextra, a pharmacy information system that it is extremely fast and scalable, and was designed from the ground up for multipharmacy operation. Nextra is also exceptionally well integrated with a wide variety of external systems such as packaging machines, robotics, and eMAR. Nextra is also part of Integra’s computing ecosystem and is highly integrated with our widely used DocuTrack and DeliveryTrack products. Logix, which represents a fundamentally new technology because it enables pharmacies to utilize true business process automation to streamline pharmacy operations. Logix can integrate with all the existing technologies in the pharmacy and allows the pharmacy to automate many tasks which have traditionally required time consuming and expensive manual intervention. We will also start rolling out our new Integra Cloud Fax Solution to our existing DocuTrack customer base. This new solution will enable our customers to reduce their fax costs, eliminate the need for an expensive fax board, enable them to virtualize their fax servers, plus give them true disaster recovery with “never busy” service.

Kirby Lester
Christopher Thomsen
VP, Business Development

FillSafe security system that provides an additional level of safety during medication replenishment aboard Kirby Lester's KL60 and KL100 dispensing robots. FillSafe eliminates any chance of dispensing from a cassette that was not authorized by a pharmacist. It deactivates a removed cassette until proper authorization. FillSafe also streamlines the return-to-stock process.

Lagniappe Pharmacy Services (LPS)
Clarence Lea, R.Ph.
VP, Marketing and Industry

myDataMart, our new reporting tool that provides analysis and business intelligence in different dimensions than traditional pharmacy reporting. myDataMart continues our efforts to focus on supporting our customers business growth. Also, SmartSign, our Android based tablet e-signature offering which provides robust functionality at an affordable cost.

Manchac Technologies
Monroe Milton

DOSIS cTRAQ (available early 2014) is a put-to-light system for completed prescriptions helping to ensure each prescription is completed on time and sorted for the correct delivery. DOSIS ePAQ (available mid 2014) is a workstation solution for single- and multi-dose filling: helping to get the right medication into each blister every time.

John Kello

Updates to MatchRX based on the federal pedigree regulations in discussion at the end of 2013.

Micro Merchant Systems
Ketan Mehta

PrimeCENTRAL for multistore owners, MyPrimeRx for store owners who want daily reports on their phones, and PrimeANALYTICS for data mining, intelligence and forecasting from a pharmacy's data.

Al Babbington

PeakWellness, which are tools to make it easier for pharmacies to offer chronic disease management features; StarWellness, a series of medication adherence tools and analytics to show increased adherence; and transitional care intervention tools to help pharmacies collaborate with hospitals.

Jeff Key
Managing Director

New features to existing products and significant upgrade to the pharmacist counseling iPad application.

Michael Ziegler
Market Analyst Sr. Manager

Medication synchronization program and reporting, enhanced owe tracking, iPad wireless signature capture, and ICD-10 readiness.

Retail Management Solutions
Mike Gross
VP Sales and Marketing

Additional mobile technology features, additional pharmacy management interfaces, and new customer loyalty capabilities.

Retail Solutions
Jason Scribner
General Manager

Improved claims processing application.

Bill Holmes

Strip packaging system for adherence packaging in pouches for both single dose and multidose. The system has the lowest operating cost and lowest consumables cost with many times the speed of existing equipment. Pouch inspection is included.

Chris Cox
Vice President

A refresh of our ADS and ACS products to complement our new RM64 robot. We'll also continue to market our ARS will-call system to pharmacy management software companies.

Chuck Cannata

Reimbursement monitoring service that automatically increases U&Cs at the drug level for NDCs paid at U&C. Acquisition monitoring service that manages a user defined minimum margin over cost to protect against sudden price increases, or NDC swaps by wholesalers. Simple to use interface that allows pharmacies to manage pricing remotely from any computer or smart phone. This service tracks date/time of changes, and reports on past price levels if priced too low or paid at U&C.

Jessica McGowan
Marketing Manager

Mobile app translation for Pharmacies that provides a complete solution for translating, engineering, testing, and updating your medical mobile apps for multilingual markets. We provide expert translation in over 100 languages helping you reach, communicate and keep business with multilingual customers. Multilingual multimedia for patient education in a variety of formats beyond the traditional written and verbal documentation and counseling.

Mike Coughlin
President & CEO

Advanced pharmacy clinical services module for the ScriptPro pharmacy management system.

Heather Martin
VP, Sales and Marketing

FrameworkBI, introduced late 2013, is a Web-based application that provides access to a variety of business metrics as they are happening, providing pharmacies the realtime information they need to make crucial day-to-day decisions.

Speed Script
Chuck Welch
Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer

Enhanced adherence programs. Enhanced reporting capabilities.

Matt Noffsinger
Senior VP Sales and Marketing

Intelligent Canisters with integrated perpetual inventory. This will reduce exception tray use with the ATP. We also plan to launch a highly versatile ATP print module which will expand the ATP’s print functionality and also reduce ongoing expenses for our customers. We are also launching a smaller adherence packaging machine for use in the retail market.

TeleManager Technologies
Paul Kobylevsky
Vice President

Developing a new VoIP platform and Web portal for our cloud-based solutions in order to meet the growing number of pharmacies and higher volume of inbound and outbound traffic due to implementation ACA.

Transaction Data Systems
Steve Wubker

Medication syncronization, pre-/postediting, iPad apps, and a specialty pharmacy network.