People Talk

PeopleTalk [September/October 2015] Years of Experience: Longtime Employees Reminisce

John Frady joined QS/1 in 1990 and Charles Garner joined in 2005. Both retired this summer, and in this they share stories and memories about how the pharmacy industry has changed.

People Talk [January/February 2015]

News about Synergy Medical's Kevin Combs and Claire Pertrotta; Rx Systems' Jason Jensen; and the new board for the American Society for Automation in Pharmacy (ASAP).

PeopleTalk [September/October 2014]

News about Adnane Khalil at QS/1; John Kalvelage at Medicine-On-Time; Haig Norword and Shawn Judd at RxMedic; Nancy Mlinarik at SoftWriters; and Matt Mosley at Retail Management Solutions.

PeopleTalk [January/February 2014]

News from Liberty Software about Vince Leonard; Ateb about Bjorn Thommesen and Rebecca Chater; Surescripts about Harry Totonis; and InfoWerks about Casey Robb Smith.

PeopleTalk [November/December 2013]

News from voiceTech about April Halstead, Sandrine Chazaud, Nick Fallon, and Juli Meinecke and at QS/1 for Brent Thomasson, Nancy Jones, Jon Bell, and Michael Ziegler.

PeopleTalk [September/October 2013]

News about Mark Kolenic at Retail Management Solutions; Bryan Butler and Brandon Graham at emporos; Robyn Amberg at Kneeland Services; Stephen Donohue at Innovation; and Allen Smith at PDX.

PeopleTalk [May/June 2013]

News about Sonny Anderson, VP of development and systems, QS/1; Jay Anderson, joining voiceTech as CFO; Denys Ashby, director of retail chain sales at Supplylogix; and John Hobson, director of business development at American Pharmacy Alliance.

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