Switching and Data Services


Custom pharmacy reimbursement solutions, offering a full suite of products to help lower costs and increase profitability through claim and retrospective edits. MORE >

Pharmacy First

Contracting assistance, comprehensive reconciliation and recovery services, and network services for independent pharmacies.  MORE >


Software technology tools such as pharmacy management systems, IVR, workflow, automation, mobile products, and more. MORE >

Rx.com Community Healthcare Network

A standardized, portable, and interoperable electronic pharmacy record and new system for retail pharmacy clinics to perform and bill for clinical tasks.  MORE >


Services for usual-and-customary pricing (U&C) management, reduction of claims paid at U&C, and long-term profit stability. MORE >

Two Point Conversions

Data conversion and archiving services. MORE >

VUCA Health

Medication video library that delivers a digital medication experience to support patients and families. MORE >

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