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Technology Corner [January/February 2015] Provider Status and the Electronic Health Record

With the new year, we want to start with what we have seen in 2014 and then look ahead for this year. 2014 was a critically important year for pharmacists, in the form of H.R. 4190, the legislation that is poised to bring provider status to pharmacists.

Technology Corner [November/December 2014] Getting Feedback Can Be Engaging

One of the articles in a recent issue of iHealthBeat described a study conducted by Geisinger Health System. In the study, patients were allowed to review their medication lists for accuracy and completeness before seeing their doctor.

Technology Corner [September/October 2014] Ramping Up Your Web-Based Patient Engagement

Today, we are immersed in a completely different Web experience, known as Web 2.0. This modern-day Web is very different from the Web 1.0 world. Individuals have literally thousands of free tools available to create and share Web-based content. Whereas organizations spent large amounts of money to create content in the Web 1.0 world, anyone reading this article can build an engaging Web experience using free tools right now.

Technology Corner [July/August 2014] Is a Vendor-Driven Market a Bad Thing?

Many pharmacists are so “in the weeds,” in that they are being consumed by the daily minutia of their operations, that we think it may be time for vendors to take a stronger position that will help prepare the profession to face a very different healthcare future.

Technology Corner [May/June 2014] What Patients Expect

We recently read a report from Accenture that really got us thinking about what patients expect from their pharmacists and pharmacies. The report is titled “Great Expectations: Why Pharma Companies Can’t Ignore Patient Services.”

Technology Corner [March/April 2014] Changes in Healthcare Demand Different Thinking

Times are changing in healthcare, and it’s still early enough in the year to add a few resolutions. Think about each of these changes and challenge yourself as to whether you have aligned your practice accordingly.

Technology Corner [January/February 2014] Blue Button

To start 2014, we are going to look at patient engagement. We have touched on this topic in previous columns, but would like to focus solely on patient engagement at this time.

Technology Corner [November/December 2013] An Update on the Connected Patient Home

We have seen a sector of healthcare, previously known for its lack of technology adoption, begin a complete about-face. One overall term for this sector is the “connected patient.”

Technology Corner [September/October 2013] Navigating Popular Social Media Tools

We realize that most people are intimately familiar with one or two social media tools, but do not have a knowledge of the range of other tools that are available for use.

Technology Corner [July/August 2013] Consider Building a Health Promotions Resource

People fail in their self-care management behaviors (including medication behaviors) for three reasons: (1) they don’t know what to do; (2) they don’t know how to do it; or (3) they are not motivated to do it.

Technology Corner [March/April 2013] Our Recommended Approach to Buying Technology

Getting the most out of the ComputerTalk 2013 Retail Buyers Guide when you find a quiet place to look over the product offerings.

Technology Corner [May/June 2013] Challenges in Quality Measure Reporting

How do you define “quality” in your practice? Might it be measured by the average wait time your customers experience, by the percentage of patients offered additional clinical services, by the hundreds or thousands of prescriptions accurately filled between misfills, by the percentage of patients receiving medication doses outside of recommended doses, or by some other measures ...

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