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Exclusive Web Content | Prescriptive Authority Compliance: What You Need to Know for 2015

Craig Ford, SVP of sales for pharmacy and government at solutions at Health Market Science, talks with ComputerTalk’s Will Lockwood about the critical areas of the 2015 CMS Call Letter and the trends that are impacting pharmacy’s efforts to maintain prescriber records and submit payable claims.

Exclusive Web Content | Prescriber IDs and the CMS Call Letter

Matt Reichert, CEO of Health Market Science, a provider of solutions that leverage the industry's most comprehensive and accurate prescriber database, sat down recently with John Becker, representing ComputerTalk, to discuss the new provider data requirements defined in CMS-4157 and how the industry is reacting to the new requirements.

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Health Market Science: Prescriptive Authority - Who’s got it, and who doesn’t

Health Market Science's Daniel Schofield on a 2013, OIG released a report that skewers the performance of part D plan sponsors verification of prescriptive authority for prescribers.

"In June 2013, OIG released a report ( skewering the performance of part D plan sponsors verification of prescriptive authority for prescribers. A study of prescriptions in 2009 highlighted the need for increased oversight on part D prescriptions. Having revealed more than $50 million in improper PDE claims paid, the OIG is calling for more scrutiny on prescribers and prescriptive patterns."

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Heath Market Science: Top 5 Pharmacy Observations of 2013

Health Market Science's Daniel Schofield takes a look back at the most significant events of the last year.

"2013 was quite the year in Pharmacy! To sum up, pharmacists are becoming more critical to America’s healthcare. This can be seen with pharmacists pushing for provider status in California, the priority of patient adherence, and individuals becoming more familiar with spend on pharmaceuticals thanks to high deductible insurance plans."

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Health Market Science: Prescriber Eligibility Solutions Video

Invalid Prescriber Data is a Genuine Concern for Pharmacy Chains. The latest video demonstrates how Health Market Science validates prescribers in real-time.

"Medicare Part D prescription drug claims containing invalid prescriber identifiers cost the nation 1.2 billion dollars in the year 2007 alone1. Under intense pressure to rein in costs, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is more determined than ever to recoup funds lost to fraud, waste, and abuse in the U.S. healthcare system. Toward that end they are increasing audit and enforcement activities putting increased pressure on sponsors and providers to ensure an active and valid prescriber identifier is submitted on every claim or face costly fines and penalties."

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