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Utilizing Retail Management Solutions’ technology and services, many pharmacies customers have benefited from increased efficiencies, year-over-year growth, and higher profits. Our solutions are the most feature-rich in the pharmacy industry, currently interfacing to over 25 different pharmacy management systems. This gives pharmacies the ability to have a much more robust POS solution and still have all the workflow completion features needed. The scalable design of our product allows their system to grow as their business grows, whether a solution is needed for a single-register apothecary, or a 15-register superstore. Contact an RMS representative to discuss your point-of-sale needs today. MORE>


Feature Story [July/August 2014] The Front Door Makes a Poor Drive-Thru: Crisis Recovery with Handheld POS

Pharmacist Brad Stultz found himself facing an unusual disaster when a customer accidentally drove into the front of one of his stores. But recovery was swift thanks to mobile POS on hand in that provided almost-immediate continuity of service for patients coming in for prescriptions. And Stultz has even converted the crises into an opportunity.

Exclusive Web Content | How Can Mobile Point of Sale Benefit Your Pharmacy?

Mobile technology is changing the way we live and the way we do business in more ways than I can keep up with. But unlike many technology advancements that seem to overstimulate and distance us from the personal interactions of days gone by, a handheld register in the pharmacy actually creates a more personal and individualized customer experience.


Mobile POS: Beat the Chains, Improve Customer Interactions

Competition is tough. Insurance companies are impossible to deal with. Margins are thin. How do you change the game, differentiate your store, improve customer service, and increase profits? Learn from Mike Gross, VP of Sales and Marketing at Retail Management Solutions, who will discuss how their latest technology, EvolutionPOS, can make the difference between being just a 20th-century apothecary, and a modern, community-minded 21st-century healthcare service provider.


Increasing Customer Retention in your Pharmacy

It's generally recognized that acquiring new customers costs between four and six times more than keeping an existing customer. But how do you keep your customers loyal and increase customer retention? Learn from Mike Gross at Retail Management Solutions, who will present ideas on what improves retention and what tools you'll need to implement a strong loyalty program that keeps customers coming back, and with greater frequency than they do today.


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Retail Management Solutions: 5 Reasons Why Pharmacies Shouldn't Adopt Self-Checkout POS

A recent highlight from the Retail Management Solutions POS POV blog by Customer Success Manager Karen Deckard.

I love going to the home improvement store. From the days of trotting up the aisles after my Dad to today when a quick trip to grab nails turns into a leisurely stroll through the aisles, planning the next project for my house which is in a constant state of “work in progress”. What differs about my experience from the days of my childhood to today (besides that I usually have to make a phone call for some sage advice from Dad) is that I seriously dread the checkout process.

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Retail Management Solutions: 3 qualities of successful independent pharmacies

A recent highlight from the Retail Management Solutions POS POV blog by Customer Success Manager Karen Deckard.

"Last night I saw something truly frightening on TV. It wasn’t a scary movie or even something terrible on the news. It was actually a commercial. A commercial where a drug company was touting their new program allowing patients to fill their prescriptions online, directly through the manufacturer’s website."

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Retail Management Solutions: How to Use Girl Scout Selling Techniques to Improve Pharmacy Sales

A recent highlight from the Retail Management Solutions POS POV blog by Customer Success Manager Karen Deckard.

"How many times did you get caught by a girl scout this season? It’s pretty much impossible not to be, right? They camp out at all the places you can’t avoid, like grocery stores and banks. Places where they know if they catch you going in, you’ll grab some cash to alleviate your guilt on the way out."

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