Vendor Feed: Details and Pricing

Would you like to have a information feed at dedicated to the latest news and press about your company? Choose one of three options that can help you leverage the reach of ComputerTalk through multiple channels online, amplify your print campaign, and more…

Vendor Feed at ComputerTalk's Community Site

Featured Vendor Status

Interviews 1

Product Highlight Videos 2

CT Social Media Feed

Feed Top Banner Ad with Link 3

Images in Content

Videos in Content

Featured in Email Newsletter

Cost: $2,900

† Pricing is per year. Preferred pricing is available for existing advertisers.

All pricing is net to ComputerTalk Associates and due net 30 from invoicing.

1. Up to two per year, by request.

2. 10 minute (max) recorded sessions in which you can present slides or a screen share along with narration to highlight a product feature. 

2. 560x230 size.

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