Webinar Details

Webinars: Details and Pricing

With webinars we can now offer you the ability to produce dynamic digital content that will roll out first to a live audience and then be presented on our website. All with the trusted editorial imprint of ComputerTalk.

What Can You Do in a Webinar?

  • Position your company as a thought-leader by addressing key issues and opportunities in pharmacy.

  • Give participants an inside look at your latest products and services.

  • Build recognition of your brand and your expertise in pharmacy technology.

What Do ComputerTalk.com Webinars Offer?

  • Ability to leverage your existing or newly created content ranging from PowerPoint slides to video to screen shares for demos, and more.
  • Ability to leverage complete email and social media driven promotion and follow-up.
  • Ability to leverage posting of recorded webinars, edited as necessary, to ComputerTalk.com and YouTube.

We will promote webinars primarily through email campaigns and social media, supplemented by highlight listings in print in ComputerTalk for the Pharmacist magazine. You will also be invited to promote the webinar through your own contact channels as well.

Pricing is $995 for one Webinar. Discounts are available for existing advertisers, as part of print/digital packages, and for multiple Webinar commitments.

Interested? Let us know…