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Webcast [September/October 2016] Pharmacy in the Cloud

Learn more about pharmacy in the cloud in this slideshare with Epicor Senior Product Marketing Manager Keith Lam.


Employment Screening Compliance

A discussion with HR ProFile's Patrick Grote on the different regulatory bodies that effect your hiring decisions, and how to effectively navigate them.

Visit: www.hrprofile.com

Pharmacy Redesign and Workflow Magic with Don Grove

Don Grove owner and pharmacist at J & D Pharmacy in Warsaw, Mo., talks with ComputerTalk's Will Lockwood about how you can increase productivity in your store to increase your accuracy, technician fill speed, and pharmacist verification rates with the potential to double or even triple your net profit.

Visit: http://www.redesigningrxworkflow.com

Mobile POS: Beat the Chains, Improve Customer Interactions

Competition is tough. Insurance companies are impossible to deal with. Margins are thin. How do you change the game, differentiate your store, improve customer service, and increase profits? Learn from Mike Gross, VP of Sales and Marketing at Retail Management Solutions, who will discuss how their latest technology, EvolutionPOS, can make the difference between being just a 20th-century apothecary, and a modern, community-minded 21st-century healthcare service provider.

Visit: http://www.rm-solutions.com/ctw2

Increasing Customer Retention in your Pharmacy

It's generally recognized that acquiring new customers costs between four and six times more than keeping an existing customer. But how do you keep your customers loyal and increase customer retention? Learn from Mike Gross at Retail Management Solutions, who will present ideas on what improves retention and what tools you'll need to implement a strong loyalty program that keeps customers coming back, and with greater frequency than they do today.

Visit: www.rm-solutions.com/webinar1

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