The way consumers interact with businesses has changed a lot. Before, we’d look up local business in the Yellow Pages and our interactions were either in person or over the phone. Over time, this has been replaced by Google searches and shopping online. Now, we rely on our smartphones to manage nearly every aspect of our life via mobile applications. 

As consumers continue to move towards an app-dominated lifestyle, your pharmacy will need to adapt and meet patients where they are — on their mobile devices. In fact, here are five reasons your pharmacy needs a mobile app:

1. To Provide More Value and Convenience for Your Customers

It’s no longer enough to have a brick-and-mortar store, you need an online presence, too. Not to reach more potential customers, but to provide easier access for your current customers as well. In fact, a mobile app helps customers engage with your store in a few quick taps.

2. For Faster Response Times

In today’s fast-paced digital world, accessibility has a direct impact on customer satisfaction. Mobile apps are a great way to facilitate quick, easy communication between your pharmacy and its customers.

3. To Keep Customers Informed and Engaged

Mobile applications keep customers updated on their prescriptions and what’s going on at your pharmacy, without having to make a call or wait for your store to open. Plus, when a mobile app is set up to work in tandem with your pharmacy software, you can enable electronic notifications to be sent to your customers automatically.

4. For Better Customer Engagement and Loyalty

A mobile app puts your pharmacy in front of your patients every day. Apps make it easier for customers to fill their medications with you again, which helps to build an active, loyal customer base that gives your profitability a boost too.

5. To Stay Competitive

Keeping up with retail giants like Amazon and national chains has become a difficult task for many independent pharmacies. Many of your competitors have mobile apps, so it’s important to offer your customers the same, convenient access. Then, you’ll be providing the best of both worldsexpanded access to your store and the personalized care a big box store just can’t provide.

If you’re interested in learning more about how a mobile app can benefit your pharmacy, contact BestRx today! Our Your Local Pharmacy app can help you grow your business and better care for your patients, without taking on the hassle and expense of creating an app on your own.

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