Magazine Statistics

• 37 years
• 6 times a year for retail
• Annual Health-System Buyers Guide
• 32,000+ readers


Closed door/specialty: 300+
Mail order: 500+
Independents: 22,000*
Small/regional chains: 7,500*
Large chains (corp. personnel): 2,500
• Owners and senior managers
• Business focus

*Approximately 45% of the circulation includes those pharmacies servicing long-term care and assisted-living facilities.

Digital Presence

• Exclusive downloads
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Mission Statement

For 37 years we have published the only magazine for the retail and institutional pharmacy markets that showcases the efficiencies and importance of technology on the clinical, operational, and financial management of the pharmacy. By advertising with ComputerTalk, you reach independent pharmacies, key decision-makers at large drug chains, supermarket chains, and mass merchandisers — as well as mail-order facilities, specialty pharmacies, and long-term care pharmacies. In 2017, ComputerTalk will sport a completely new look.

2017 Buyers Guides

The Annual Buyers Guide features 800–900-word company profiles in advertorial format (edited to meet the magazine’s style). Includes tables based on company-provided survey.
All display advertisements in the Retail Buyers Guide (March/April 2017) must accompany a minimum of one profile page.

The Issue provides both a print and a digital presence. It is posted at the ComputerTalk website for a year and is the basis for regular feeds on Twitter based on profile page content. Content will be included on our new community site. Profile placements also allow vendors to request one webcast in 2017.

We also publish an annual Health-System Pharmacists Buyers Guide with a circulation of 14,000.

We maintain a digital presence cutting across the Web, with social media, and email newsletters. Our Website is generating over 5,000 visits a week from our target audience and we maintain a curated email list with over 8,000 recipients.

Download our Media Kit, Including Rates and Editorial Calendar

January/February 2017
Cover Story:
Point-of-Sale Focus*
Managing the front end, workflow, revenue, and loyalty building.

Advertising closing date: Dec. 19, 2016
Ad and editorial materials due:Jan. 6, 2017

March/April 2017
Annual Retail Pharmacy Buyers Guide Featuring Company Profiles
Vendors provide content for full-page profile pages; complete a questionnaire for tables included.

Profile and advertising closing date: Feb. 1
Profile and advertising materials due: March 1
Questionnaires due: March 1

May/June 2017
Cover Story:
Long-Term Care Market Update
Current report on technology used to serve this market.

Advertising closing date: April 3
Ad and editorial materials due: May 1

Annual Buyers Guide for Health-System Pharmacists 2017
Featuring company profiles offering products and services to inpatient and outpatient pharmacists. Vendors provide profile content; complete a questionnaire for tables included.

Profile and advertising closing date: June 19
Profile and advertising materials due: July 7
Questionnaires due: July 7

July/August 2017
Cover Story:
Annual Chain Market Report
ComputerTalk’s exclusive report on chain technology priorities.

Advertising closing date: June 2
Ad and editorial materials due: July 3

September/October 2017
Cover Story:
High Volume/Low Volume*
Key technologies for pharmacies at both ends of the dispensing volume spectrum.

Advertising closing date: Aug. 1
Ad and editorial materials due: Sept. 1

November/December 2017
Cover Story: Technology for the Coming Year
The annual vendor survey on trends that will impact the year ahead.

Advertising closing date: Oct. 2
Ad and editorial materials due: Nov. 1