2022 Buyers Guide

Retail Management Solutions provides pharmacy point-of-sale solutions for retail and outpatient pharmacies. Thirty-plus pharmacy system integrations. Offering software, hardware, training and 24x7 support to improve profitability and patient outcomes while streamlining pharmacy operations.

Newest product or service: Cloud based point-of-sale technology specialized for the pharmacy industry.

Contact Details
4535 Lacey Blvd SE, Lacey, WA 98503
(877) 767-1060

Blog: www.rm-solutions.com/blog

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What Are the Top Challenges Your Technology Will Help Pharmacists With in 2022?

Growing profitability, improving customer-centricity and improving patient outcomes.

What Do Pharmacies Like Most About Your Product/Service?

24x7 US-based customer support team. Turnkey comprehensive solutions.

How Do Your Systems/Services Improve Patient Safety or Outcomes?

  • Integrated supplement recommendations based on prescription induced nutrient depletion Date of birth verification at the register
  • Meds-to-beds solutions
  • Built in will call management to make sure that patients receive all of their prescriptions

What Makes Your Systems/Services Different From Your Competitors' Offerings?

Solutions based point-of-service approach to improve profitability and customer-centricity. Retail Management Solutions (RMS) offers customers the flexibility to work with the partners they choose. Integrating to over 30 different pharmacy management systems and processing integrations to multiple credit card processing partners.

Markets Served

  • Independents and Small Chains
  • Regional Chains
  • Mail Order
  • Specialty
  • Hospital Outpatient Government

Offering Details: Products and Services

Products (i.e., something that is designed and supported in-house)

  • Will-call Bin Management
  • Chain Host (e.g. centralized patient, drug, and other databases, as well as other centralized management tools)
  • POS (Point-of-Sale) System
  • Portable/Mobile POS Terminal
  • E-Signature Capture
  • Mobile Delivery Tracking
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Meds to Beds
  • Biometric Authentication

Interfaces (i.e. products or services from other vendors)

  • Pharmacy Management System
  • Will-call Bin Management
  • Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Documentation and Billing
  • Patient Communications Management (e.g. IVR, text, email or other outbound and inbound communications tools)
  • E-Commerce
  • Nutrient Depletion

Platforms And Data Exchange Standards Supported

  • Windows
  • iOS
  • Android
  • EDI with Wholesalers

POS  Specifics

Point-of-Sale (POS) System Features

  • Perpetual inventory
  • Price updates
  • Multiple-vendor EDI ordering
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Pseudoephedrine sales log/reporting
  • Moving inventory between locations
  • Basket analysis and grading
  • EMV-compliant hardware
  • Point-to-point encryption of payment data
  • Near field communication (NFC) payments

NFC Payment Apps Supported

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • MasterCard PayPass
  • Samsung Pay
  • Visa payWave

Other Product/Service Feature Details

Will-call Bin Management

Batch multiple prescriptions under a single barcode

  • Sell all prescriptions at the register with a single scan
  • Use your normal storage methodology
  • No expensive bagging system infrastructure
  • Built in to every RMS system

Meds to Beds Services

  • Real time transaction processing
  • Prescription & OTC scanning
  • Electronic signature capture
  • Integrated payments
  • Email or printed receipts

Biometric Authentication via

  • Fingerprint Recognition

Hardware Maintenance Services

All Retail Management Solutions (RMS) supplied hardware comes with a standard 1 year advance replacement warranty. An extended 3 year warranty is available. Remote support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Process for Addressing Customer Requested Changes or Features

Retail Management Solutions (RMS) support includes all software upgrades and patches. Changes to setup, integrations as well as product additions can be requested through our main 24x7 support line. Customers can request enhancements at any time. All requests are reviewed by our product management team.

Trade Shows

  • AmerisourceBergen ThoughtSpot
  • Cardinal Health Retail Business Conference
  • HCP