Will-call Management

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365 San Antonio Rd., Mountain View, CA 94040
Phone: 650-941-7000 opt. 1
email: info@perceptimed.com
Web: www.perceptimed.com

PerceptiMed’s technologies eliminate prescription errors. scripClip™ wireless will-call locator systems improve safety, workflow and inventory management. identRx™ is the first artificial-intelligence, tabletop verification/counting system. Scroll Down for A Detailed Listing https://youtu.be/iotEeXDafV8 Newest Product identRx™ is the first artificial-intelligence, tabletop…


2701 Leighton Ridge Dr., Wake Forest, NC 27587

RxMedic offers automation from a tabletop unit up to a fully automated 256 cell dispensing robot. RxMedic has an affordable solution for every pharmacy. Scroll Down for A Detailed Listing https://youtu.be/nfrnFQRIdGE Newest Product The RxMedic RM1 is an affordable tabletop solution that quickly and accurately counts oral solid medications without having to calibrate. Produ…


2453 Cades Way, BLDG A, City Vista, CA 92081
Phone: 877-797-2332
Email: info@rxsafe.com
Web: rxsafe.com

RxSafe (www.rxsafe.com) delivers automated adherence packaging, storage and retrieval systems for retail and outpatient pharmacies, enabling them to improve patient safety and profitability Scroll Down for A Detailed Listing https://youtu.be/qtQ6gR_aZjs Newest Product RapidPakRx is the first-ever system for adherence packaging designed specifically for retail pharmacies to…