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November/December 2016

Bill Lockwood, Chairman/Publisher

EHRs and Interoperability

When the federal government decided to provide financial incentives to physicians and hospitals to install electronic health record (EHR) systems, this sounded like a way to jump-start the use of computer technology in order to improve patient care and make it a more efficient process. But the financial incentives were predicated on the use of these EHRs in a meaningful way, based on the federal government meaningful use requirements.

Positioning Pharmacy for Success: Getting the Most Out of Technology in 2017

There’s a never-ending need to think several moves ahead when it comes to pharmacy’s opportunities for growth. What will your patients need in the coming year? What are the trends you should have your eye on? How will you overcome challenges, expected and unexpected? And what technology will position you to take not just your next move, but set the board for continued success?

Pharmacy Offers Transition of Care to Build Successful Niche

A stint working in hospital pharmacy piqued the interest of Steve DiLollo, Pharm.D., in the clinical and collaborative areas of pharmacy. Now he operates a transitional-care practice alongside the traditional pharmacy at Colonia Natural Pharmacy.

Marketing: A Key Business Builder

As pharmacy evolves from its historical dispensing role to a more clinical one, it appears that one little-discussed obstacle stands in the way of progress. That little-discussed obstacle: marketing!

Do You Know What You Don’t Know?

We absolutely know you don’t have time to have your head in the clouds, envisioning a future scenario where technology allows you to morph your practice into another unanticipated level. We also fear that many of you are spending most of your waking moments in the weeds of survival in your practice, while changes are afoot that can dramatically impact your business.

(Finally) Writing the Check for New Automation

Medi-Thrift Pharmacy is a small-town retail pharmacy that’s been in business in LaFayette, Ga., since 1979. In this interview, co-owners Neal Florence, R.Ph., and Heather Staton, Pharm.D., discuss why this was the year to finally make the investment in robotic dispensing in the form of a Kirby Lester KL60.
George Pennebaker, Pharm.D.


Yesterday was my 80th birthday. Several times I said, “Thank you for the first 80 years — they have been great. I am looking forward to the next 80. There is still much to do.” However, this is also a time to look back on what has gone on since 1936. What follows are a few of the things that have impressed me.

Helping Pharmacists — Helping Patients

Adherence Trend Addressed with Medicine-On-Time Solutions. Medicine-On-Time has long recognized the importance of patient adherence. In this interview with ComputerTalk’s Maggie Lockwood, VP of Sales and Marketing John Hassell describes a company poised to give pharmacy the software tools in 2017 to continue to be on the forefront of adherence programs.