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September/October 2016

The Cost of Not Getting It Right

In this interview, Dave Johnson, vice president at Kirby Lester and a 15-year veteran of the community pharmacy industry, talks about one thing that he still doesn’t understand. Why would a pharmacy ever be okay with losing money, when easy, affordable technology could prevent it?

Plugging into the Cloud: Is This the Future of Pharmacy Technology?

The cloud is where major players tech players are making their bets these days, with the goal of moving from delivering hardware and software to customers to providing these resources as flexible, even on-demand, services. This model isn’t new in the pharmacy world, but it may be time to take another look at the ways cloud-hosted services can benefit your operations.

Roadmap to Innovation: New Services in the Cloud

VUCA Health CEO David Medvedeff talks about what it takes to develop a cloud-based service for pharmacy and about gaining traction for a new way of doing things, both with pharmacists and state pharmacy boards.

Cloud App or Web App?

The cloud gets a lot of press these days, and while you may feel like you have a good grasp of just what it is, there are some fine points that are worth considering. For example, is the service you’re looking at a cloud app or a Web app? In this interview, Brian Cole, director of development and data services for Net-Rx, An MHA Solution, explains how to distinguish between the two.
George Pennebaker, Pharm.D.

Data, Facts, Opinions

The difficulty arises when we make measurable things important rather than make important things measurable. What a pharmacy benefits manager’s (PBM’s) drug trend report reveals is interesting, but what it conceals is essential.

Little Data: Important to Your Future Practice?

The healthcare space continues to evolve, partially in response to the increasingly numerous and glaring shortfalls patients experience in terms of poor outcomes. Possibly an even greater driver to the changes you are experiencing in your practice is the continually rising cost of care. A single healthcare dollar can be divided into an array of expense areas, including inpatient hospital stays, nursing home and home healthcare costs, administrative fees, and physician and clinic services. Did we forget medications?
Mike Fapore, R.Ph., owns a busy Medicine Shoppe in Somerset, Pa.

A Worthwhile Investment: A New Way with Workflow

Mike Fapore, R.Ph., owns a busy Medicine Shoppe in Somerset, Pa. During the summer of 2013 Fapore realized that the number of prescriptions he and his staff were filling was making it hard for him to spend time with patients. So he decided the time had come to make some major changes.
Marsha K. Millonig, B.Pharm., M.B.A. Catalyst Enterprises

Addressing the Opioid Abuse Issue

It seems that you can’t go a day without seeing or hearing something about the opioid epidemic, whether in trade publications or mainstream media. Now that everyone is paying attention to it, what happens? While we wait for Congress, or maybe, instead of waiting for them, there are steps that the healthcare industry can take today.
Bill Lockwood, Chairman/Publisher

The Network

Thoughts on the pharmacy provider network's importance in care and the risks to access created by current PBM tactics.