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High-Volume and Mail-Service Pharmacy

High-volume and mail-service pharmacy is primarily focused on prescription fulfillment for central-fill or mail service, using significant levels of automation, including dispensing robots, conveyors, baggers, and more.

Wes Moffett, President, Printed Solutions

Know Your Options: Printing in Pharmacy

When we think of pharmacy technology, we typically think of improvements to robotics, pill counters, or IVR (interactive voice response). Printers are simply a means to...

It Makes Sense: Enhanced Inventory Control with a Counting Machine

When the California State Board of Pharmacy revised its regulations to mandate a quarterly physical count of Schedule II medications starting April 1, it raised...

ScriptPro Partners with Jackson Health System

Jackson Health System has launched the new Jackson Memorial Pharmacy in Miami, Fla., unveiling automation systems that were designed, built, and installed by ScriptPro...
Matthew Catanzaro, R.Ph. Director of Correctional Services, Diamond Pharmacy

Pharmacy System Metrics: Getting the Right Software, Hardware,  and Workflow

IT IS NO SECRET THAT PHARMACY margins are shrinking and pharmacists are expected to do more and more to try to keep up profits. In...

MaxorPlus Implements Innovation’s PharmASSIST High-Volume Pharmacy Automation for MXP Mail Order Facility

Innovation, makers of PharmASSIST® pharmacy automation solutions, today announced that MaxorPlus (Maxor) has implemented the firm’s PharmASSIST® high-volume pharmacy automation for its MXP mail...
2018 Pharmacy Technology Forecast

The Pharmacy Technology Forecast

2018 is just about here, and most pharmacies will have already been thinking about strategy for the coming year. What will the key trends be? Where are the best places to put investment? How can you get more out of technology investments you’ve already made? And what markets will be growing and offering new revenue opportunities? Here we take a look at what a number of pharmacy technology vendors see as the priorities for 2018.

High Volume or High Touch? Choosing a Path for Success

In the face of an array of challenges, you need a plan that makes dispensing meaningful to both patients and to your pharmacy. We take a look at two different approaches, with one pharmacy that’s focusing on ramping up volume and another that’s providing specialized dispensing.
Matt Noffsinger TCGRx

High-Volume Dispensing: One Step at a Time

TCGRx EVP of Sales and Marketing Matt Noffsinger talks about what you should really be thinking about when you hear the term “high-volume dispensing” these days. You’ll be surprised that it’s not necessarily a huge central-fill or mail-order operation. Find out how you can bring the efficiencies that drive traditional high-volume settings right down to any dispensing volume and apply them piece by piece to meet a pharmacy’s needs and growth strategy.
Matt Noffsinger TCGRx

High-Volume Solutions: Questions To Ask and Success Stories

TCGRx EVP of Sales and Marketing Matt Noffsinger talks about what you should really be thinking about when you hear the term “high-volume dispensing” these days. And here he offers two questions to ask yourself before you talk to at tech vendor and two examples of pharmacies making the most of a step-wise approach to high-volume pharmacy.

The Adherence Advantage: SynMed Automation Gives Flexibility in Multidose Dispensing (2 of 3)

In this segment on the multidose filling system by Synergy Medical, founder Jean Boutin explains to ComputerTalk’s Maggie Lockwood the system’s unique position and dispensing trays employed by the system; the interface with pharmacy management systems; and the factors that drive automation and pharmacists should consider when evaluating automated packaging systems. Second of three parts.