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Amina Abubakar, Pharm.D., Rx Clinic Pharmacy:

“If you call to say I would like to transfer my prescriptions, we have a form that we fill out. We find out who referred you, why are you coming to us, and what your needs are. We want to know if adherence is an issue.

We want to learn so that we don’t make the same mistakes or recreate the situation that’s caused the patient to leave their old pharmacy.

The intake process has helped us understand patients’ needs from the start and then we can communicate these to physicians, who come to understand that we’re here to help them. This has opened up a channel for us to talking to physicians and to collaborating with them. Now a part of our care model is patient-centered care contracts with different physicians. We have physicians who will call us to initiate a conversation. They may want an opinion on the right medication for a patient based on cost or effectiveness.” CT

Some of the questions on Rx Clinic Pharmacy’s intake form…

  • Do you need packaging?
  • What other needs do you have?
  • If you’re a diabetic, we ask about diabetic shoes
  • Are you allergic to anything?
  • Who is your primary care doctor?
  • What pharmacy do you currently use?
  • Why are you switching to us?

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