2021 Health-System Buyers Guide

DrFirst care collaboration and AI-powered medication history solutions help pharmacy teams fulfill their patient care role by increasing workflow efficiency while decreasing avoidable ADEs (adverse drug events) and readmissions.

Newest product or service:

  • MedHx with SmartSuite for Pharmacy
  • Backline care collaboration platform
  • Huddle

Contact Details

9420 Key West Avenue, Suite 230, Rockville, MD 20850
Phone: 888-271-9898
Blog: drfirst.com/resources/blog/

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What challenges will technology from DrFirst help with most?


Starting with the most complete source of medication history data available in the industry, including from local pharmacies, MedHx allows faster, more accurate medication reconciliation. Next, its award-winning SmartSig AI solves the “free-text problem” that floods hospitals’ EHRs (Electronic Health Record Systems) with mountains of unusable data. SmartSig translates, infers, and normalizes free-text sigs, transforming them into structured and local terminology used by the hospital. This means that pharmacy staff can spend significantly less time chasing down information from local pharmacies or manually entering medication history, and patients are less at risk of adverse drug events and readmissions.

This actionable data can also improve medication management in other valuable ways, including revealing patient compliance and adherence patterns, informing population health panels for high-risk patients, and providing MME management. And because the platform can be integrated within an EHR workflow or used as a web-based companion, pharmacists can tailor how they use it to best meet their needs.


Backline is a comprehensive care collaboration and Telehealth platform that removes barriers at all transitions and levels of care. Backline provides seamless and secure communications with internal and external clinical teams as well as patients and their family caregivers. The app allows Emergency Medical Services teams to access patients’ medication history and securely share information en route to the hospital to speed time to care. Backline’s Telehealth feature enables “healthcare without walls” by connecting patients with their current medical team rather than a random Telehealth physician.

What do people like most about the products and services from DrFirst?

Nurses, pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians use our software every day to easily find patient medication history data within their clinical workflows. They do this as part of the medication reconciliation process so prescribing physicians have a clear understanding of a patient’s medication therapy before prescribing new medications. Clinical leadership such as Chief Information Officers, Chief Medical Officers, and Chief Medical Information Officers approve and implement our software within their EHRs to improve patient safety and provide their staff with the best tools possible.

MedHx and SmartSuite help improve clinician satisfaction and patient safety by reducing both inefficiency and errors caused by unnecessary manual entry. Improving medication history data doesn’t just help streamline the medication reconciliation process; improved data quality provides more accurate medication adherence scores and leads to better population health management.

MedHx and SmartSuite integrate into major EHR systems such as Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, and MEDITECH so that clinically actionable and normalized medication data is available within clinical workflows.

With just a simple URL exchange and as little as 10 hours of IT resources, health systems can increase their medication accuracy. And there is no additional training or change of workflow needed.

How do systems and services from DrFirst improve patient safety or outcomes?

Diligent care decisions are not built on a partial picture of a patient’s condition. Yet in healthcare, having data distributed across multiple systems is a fact: Hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies rely on separate systems to host an individual patient’s record. Data sharing is required when patients transition from one clinician to another, and while the clinical meaning is clear to the sending system, that meaning is often lost when it reaches the receiving system.

Within the clinical workflow, DrFirst’s MedHx℠ with SmartSuite℠ gathers medication histories from multiple sources, cleans the data, then converts free text from external systems into a user’s unique terminology and presents the data into appropriate fields in their electronic health record (EHR) system. SmartSuite uses patented artificial intelligence to codify prescriptions and refill requests, and reconcile medication histories when exchanged between EHR systems, payers, and pharmacies. SmartSuite also enhances continuity of care documents in real time as they are received from health information exchanges (HIEs) or when converting large batches of data from legacy EHR systems.

Making medication history available to clinicians is vital to patient safety. When a patient arrives at the emergency department, clinicians need to know what medications he or she is taking so they can make informed care decisions. Patients often cannot remember details about their prescriptions. And non-verbal or unconscious patients cannot inform emergency medical technicians or hospital staff of the medications they are taking. Making this information available digitally is important to avoid adverse drug events, allergic reactions, and drug duplication.

What makes products and services from DrFirst different from competitors' offerings?

Variations in national drug codes and discrepancies in prescribing instructions (known as sigs) contribute to a process that requires 50+ clicks or keystrokes to manually reconcile a patient’s medication history—tasks that can hinder productivity and contribute to clinician burnout while impacting patient safety and throughput. When medication records are imported into an EHR system, sigs arrive as unstructured free text, often with missing information and using a variety of terms for the same instructions (for example, “by mouth” vs. “orally”).

Using clinical and statistical context, SmartSuite’s patented AI cleans and structures data beyond standard neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). Whereas NLP can look beyond individual words and phrases to understand the context in which they are being delivered, it cannot figure out what data is missing, or determine whether the meaning it interprets is clinically safe.

Using MedHx with SmartSuite, our customers find medication history data on more patients. Our data sources include the same national pharmacies and pharmacy benefit manager information provided by other medication history vendors, plus additional data for each health system’s unique patient population, made available through our relationships with local and community pharmacies and EHRs. Our patented AI gives clinicians actionable medication history they can easily import versus having to manually enter that information. The AI translates free text, infers meaning, and pre populates discrete fields within a patient’s medication list. Clinicians typically see 80% reduction in clicks and keystrokes, 30 seconds saved for each medication, and 93% of sigs translated and pre populated in their EHR system.


Total number of installation sites: Not specified.
Largest facility where your system or product is installed: Inpatient
Percentage inpatient/outpatient: Not specified.

Products and Services

Products (i.e., something that is designed and supported in-house) 

  • E-Signature Capture
  • Data Analytics/Business Intelligence
  • Patient Communications Management (e.g. IVR, text, email or other outbound and inbound communications tools)
  • Patient Web Portal (for profile review)
  • Mobile Smart Device Apps
  • Full Document Management (e.g., paperless send/receive, auto-routing, central storage/retrieval, etc.)
  • Mobile Delivery Tracking
  • Telepharmacy
  • Adherence Tools (software based)
  • Preedit Services
  • Prescription Pricing
  • Electronic Prior Authorizations
  • Translation for LEP patients
  • Prescriber Validation/Verification
  • Data Management (e.g., conversion, archiving, decommissioning, analysis, etc.)
  • Multi-drug Interaction Review
  • Clinical Services Support
  • Physician Electronic Order Entry of Inpatient Prescriptions
  • Physician Electronic Order Entry of Outpatient Prescriptions


  • Pharmacy Management System
  • Workflow System
  • Chain Host (e.g. centralized patient, drug, and other databases, as well as other centralized management tools)
  • Portable/Mobile POS Terminal
  • E-Signature Capture
  • Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Documentation and Billing
  • Documentation and Billing for Immunizations
  • Patient Communications Management (e.g. IVR, text, email or other outbound and inbound communications tools)
  • Patient Web Portal (for profile review)
  • Mobile Smart Device Apps
  • Mobile Delivery Tracking
  • Robotic Dispensing
  • Telepharmacy
  • Compounding Software
  • Specialty Pharmacy Software
  • Adherence Tools (software based)
  • Adherence Packaging
  • Preedit Services
  • Purchasing Support System
  • Prescription Pricing
  • Electronic Prior Authorizations
  • Translation for LEP patients
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) or Care Documentation Module
  • Meds to Beds
  • Clinical Services Support

Platforms/Data Exchange Supported

  • Windows
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • SQL
  • XML
  • iOS
  • Android
  • HL7 

Software-based Adherence Support Features

  • Patient text messaging
  • Patient emails
  • Patient access to educational materials
  • Adherence scorecards/reporting
  • Predictive modeling
  • Telepharmacy for counseling interactions with patients
  • Support for meds to beds programs

Support For Adherence Systems Post-sale

  • Patient education

Clinical Services Supported

  • Health Services (e.g., A1c, lipid panel, bone mineral density, etc.)
  • Blood glucose monitoring
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Chronic care management and documentation

Product For Meds To Beds Programs

  • Backline

Data Exchange With Health-System Informatics Systems For

  • Lab results
  • Radiology/diagnostic imaging results/orders
  • Clinical notes/orders
  • Care plans
  • Medication lists from discharge
  • Continuity of care documents (CCD)

Support For The Provision Of CPESN Enhanced Pharmacy Services

  • Face-to-Face Access
  • Medication Reconciliation
  • Clinical Medication Synchronization Program
  • Immunizations
  • Comprehensive Medication Review
  • Personal Medication Record
  • In Depth Counseling/Coaching
  • 24-hour Emergency Services
  • Collection of Vital Signs
  • Home Delivery/Home Visits
  • Tobacco Cessation Program
  • Durable Medical Equipment
  • Point of Care Testing

Professional Services That Help Pharmacies Optimize Their Prescription Fulfillment Process

  • SmartSuite for Pharmacy
  • RxInform

Trade Shows/Users Conferences

  • American Pharmacists Association (APhA) Annual Meeting
  • American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) Midyear
  • American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) Summer Meeting