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10 Systems and Services that Can Save Your Hospital Money

Vendors showcase the products that provide money-saving efficiency and improve patient safety.

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IND offers pharmacies data entry, pharmacist-on-demand, backup pharmacy services, consulting, and IT support that increase quality and lower cost.

Newest Offering: PODS On-Call is a backup pharmacy service to assist with LTC pharmacies’ after-hours needs.

View the profile for more information on how IND makes growth happen by helping organizations analyze their operations, create personalized business expansion plans, and assist them in making the big decisions on management, strategy, operations, and technology.

McKesson Pharmacy Systems

McKesson Pharmacy Systems EnterpriseRx provides pharmacies with workflow management with many points of integration and features that support outpatient, retail, specialty, and digital pharmacy prescription processing.

Newest Offering: Script Standard V2017

Click below to see how McKesson Pharmacy Systems EnterpriseRx offers clinically-driven, SaaS pharmacy software that manages your pharmacy operations, prescription drug dispensing, and patient wellness programs in one centralized application.



 PrimeRx Pharmacy Management System — our Windows-based platform for our growing offering of innovative solutions for pharmaceutical problems. With dozens of products for prescription management, POS, signature capture, document management, and delivery, PrimeRx has the software solutions to keep your pharmacy running at peak performance. Check out our new android and iOS apps that bring the pharmacy straight to your patients’ phones!

Click below to see how PrimeRx Pharmacy Management System’s many solutions can help your business.

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QS/1 offers multiple software platforms such as SharpRx and NRx to help outpatient pharmacies run their businesses. These platforms provide pharmacies with tools for employee pharmacies, bedside prescription delivery and checkout, medication synchronization, POS integration, mobile app for patients, HME compliance documentation, customizable workflow, and more. QS/1 offers wide reaching solutions for outpatient pharmacies, community pharmacies, and pharmacies with multiple locations.

Check their profile for more information on which QS/1 products can improve your pharmacy.


Retail Management Solutions

Retail Management Solutions offers pharmacy point-of-sale applications designed for outpatient pharmacies. While still offering traditional POS solutions, RMS goes beyond workflow and compliance offering unique solutions to meds-to-beds capabilities, nutrient depletion notifications allowing supplement recommendations based on prescription induced nutrient depletion, and more. RMS recently released EvolutionPOS V2 — a portable transaction terminal giving you the ability to take your cash register anywhere you need it. 

Click below to learn about RMS’s unique pharmacy software solutions.


Rx Linc

Rx Linc is a premier claims network providing switch, pre- and postedit programs, and business intelligence services to help minimize errors and maximize reimbursement.

Newest Offering: eVoucher program brings in revenue directly to your health system through the automatic application of electronic coupons that reduce a patient’s out-of-pocket expense and pay you per qualified claim.

View the profile to learn more about why Rx Linc is known for exceptional service and technical expertise and is a pharmacy advocate delivering a reliable and secure suite of programs.



RxSafe’s RapidPakRx adherence strip packager produces single- or multi-med pouches with built-in vision inspection, enabling pharmacies to run a 30-day med cycle at the lowest possible cost. The RxSafe 1800 system enables pharmacies to boost script-filling accuracy and speed, save floor space, increase narcotics security, and take control of inventory management.

Newest Offering: RapidCardRx is a highly accurate, fully automated, high-volume system for filling single or multi-med blister cards, using integrated machine vision pill verification with universal cartridges.

View the profile to learn more about RxSafe's unparalleled adherence packaging automation technology.



ScriptPro provides a comprehensive, integrated platform of robotics-enabled systems to optimize retail and ambulatory pharmacy operations, promoting safe and effective medication use and adherence. They offer robotic dispensing systems as well as several software solutions to improve pharmacists’ workflow efficiency including services for central workflow, inventory management, health messaging services, telepharmacy, and more.

Click the button to see how Script Pro’s automation products and pharmacy software can help your pharmacy.



Supplylogix helps pharmacies control their inventory with a suite of software tools and strategic account managers to provide insights that help reduce costs and increase efficiencies. Over 12,000 pharmacies have utilized Supplylogix software solutions, resulting in millions of dollars in customer savings each year. 

View their profile to find out more about how Supplylogix can help your pharmacy save money.


Transaction Data Systems

Transaction Data Systems, with its Rx30 and Computer-Rx pharmacy management solutions, is focused on improving efficiency and productivity and increasing profitability for today’s health-system pharmacies.

Newest Offering: TDS Scheduler Service is fully integrated within the Rx30 system to allow you to book virtual appointments and patient consultations, and schedule immunizations.

Check their profile to learn why Transaction Data Systems is the pharmacy focused, solution centric market leader in connecting community pharmacy.

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