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DoseMeRx is a Tabula Rasa HealthCare Company. We’re the first in the world to develop precision dosing software. Our software – DoseMeRx – has been developed specifically for clinical practice. Using this software, our clients are able to optimize dosing, streamline operations, reduce adverse drug events, decrease costs, and improve patient outcomes. It is compatible with many popular POS and clinic management software systems. In short, our pharmaceutical dosing software helps pharmacies run smoother. 

View their profile for more information on how DoesMeRx makes dosing safer and easier.

Micro Merchant Systems

Micro Merchant Systems presents PrimeRx Pharmacy Management System — our Windows-based platform for our growing offering of innovative solutions for pharmaceutical problems. With dozens of products for prescription management, POS, signature capture, document management, and delivery, PrimeRx has the software solutions to keep your pharmacy running at peak performance. Check out our new android and iOS apps that bring the pharmacy straight to your patients’ phones!

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OmniSYS is a pharmacy software company that offers solutions designed to optimize your outpatient pharmacy. With products for such tasks as patient communications, medical claim billing, immunization optimization, clinical documentation, automated pricing, and much more. OmniSYS is trusted by over 25,000 pharmacies across the United States and Canada.

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QS/1 offers multiple software platforms such as SharpRx and NRx to help outpatient pharmacies run their businesses. These platforms provide pharmacies with tools for employee pharmacies, bedside prescription delivery and checkout, medication synchronization, POS integration, mobile app for patients, HME compliance documentation, customizable workflow, and more. QS/1 offers wide reaching solutions for outpatient pharmacies, community pharmacies, and pharmacies with multiple locations.

Check their profile for more information on which QS/1 products can improve your pharmacy.

Retail Management Solutions

Retail Management Solutions offers pharmacy point-of-sale applications designed for outpatient pharmacies. While still offering traditional POS solutions, RMS goes beyond workflow and compliance offering unique solutions to meds-to-beds capabilities, nutrient depletion notifications allowing supplement recommendations based on prescription induced nutrient depletion, and more. RMS recently released EvolutionPOS V2 — a portable transaction terminal giving you the ability to take your cash register anywhere you need it. 

Click below to learn about RMS’s unique pharmacy software solutions.



RxMedic is a pharmacy automation manufacturer. They offer advanced robotic solutions that are affordable and space efficient. From a tabletop pill counter to an automated will call bag system, RxMedic’s products increase efficiency and profitability while reducing stress and possible waste. For example, the RxMedic RM1 is an affordable tabletop solution that quickly and accurately counts oral solid medications without having to calibrate.

View the profile to learn more about RxMedic’s pharmacy automation products.


ScriptPro provides a comprehensive, integrated platform of robotics-enabled systems to optimize retail and ambulatory pharmacy operations, promoting safe and effective medication use and adherence. They offer robotic dispensing systems as well as several software solutions to improve pharmacists’ workflow efficiency including services for central workflow, inventory management, health messaging services, telepharmacy, and more.

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Synergy Medical

SynMed offers robotics-assisted hardware and software that automates the packaging of solid oral medications in weekly or monthly blister packs. Blister packs can ensure medical adherence and retention as patients are discharged. However, they can take up too much time and energy to use regularly. SynMed’s products make blister packs a much more viable option for pharmacists who are worried about their patients’ adherence. Installing SynMed in your pharmacy can increase your blister pack production speed by more than 500%, increase accuracy, and significantly cut down on labor costs.

Check their profile to see how SynMed can greatly improve your blister pack processes.


Supplylogix helps pharmacies control their inventory with a suite of software tools and strategic account managers to provide insights that help reduce costs and increase efficiencies. Over 12,000 pharmacies have utilized Supplylogix software solutions, resulting in millions of dollars in customer savings each year. 

View their profile to find out more about how Supplylogix can help your pharmacy save money.

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