Integra® Brand to Transition into RedSail Technologies®

RedSail Technologies, parent company of leading long-term care pharmacy innovator, Integra, has announced the convergence of the brands into one – RedSail Technologies. This strategic consolidation signifies a major advancement in RedSail’s mission to redefine the pharmacy landscape.

Integra’s flagship products, Axys®, PrimeCare®, DeliveryTrack®, and DocuTrack®, will now be integrated into the RedSail Technologies’ portfolio, providing improved solutions and support to LTC pharmacy partners nationwide. This development propels RedSail’s vision of Empowering Pharmacy, Transforming Care, ensuring consistent high-quality service while optimizing to build the best LTC pharmacy management system the world has ever known.

RedSail Technologies is poised to take its legacy of innovation to new heights. As part of the RedSail Technologies family, long-term care pharmacy products will benefit from a streamlined approach, expanded resources, broader expertise, and accelerated development capabilities. This brand unification is aimed at providing pharmacy partners with further advancements and an expanded suite of solutions tailored to address the changing demands of the industry.

By fall 2023, Integra’s current website will be completely integrated into the RedSail Technologies brand and website, facilitating a cohesive customer experience that reflects the combined capabilities of Integra and RedSail Technologies.

Integra has an extensive history of pioneering innovative solutions and making a profound impact on the LTC pharmacy industry. Since its inception in 1997, Integra has fostered a deep-rooted belief in the power of collaboration, viewing pharmacists as partners in their mission to solve problems, challenge conventions, and build a better future. This unique perspective has enabled Integra to develop a remarkable suite of long-term care pharmacy software that has successfully advanced the goals of institutional pharmacies nationwide.