QS/1 is hosting a breakout breakfast session at the PDS Super-Conference February 29, 2020. ComputerTalk Magazine‘s Maggie Lockwood will moderate the popular panel discussion. She talked with QS/1’s QCompass Podcast about the importance of the PDS Super-Conference, what participants can expect at the panel discussion.

Maggie will be joined on the panel by:

Jason Turner, Pharm.D., owner of Moundsville Pharmacy

Jason Turner, Pharm.D.

Turner talks about Moundsville Pharmacy‘s med sync program this way: “Pharmacists need to creatively look at their workflow and their staff to develop new and efficient processes and better solutions to the existing challenges we all face in pharmacy operations,” says Turner. “Synchronization offers a solution and a foundation to additional solutions that address a number of pharmacy management challenges, but it must be implemented effectively and expanded to a high percentage of the prescriptions to achieve the ultimate success for the pharmacy.”

Read about how Jason Turner built a med sync workflow focused on performance, with the goal was to increase patient enrollment in the sync program by 10% each quarter.

Plus read about why Jason feels that pharmacies need to develop opportunities to ensure they are maximizing the outcomes for patients — to be focused on providing those services consistently at the highest level for every patient.

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John Pugh, Pharm.D., owner of Prosperity Drug

John Pugh, Pharm.D.

John Pugh, Pharm.D., R.Ph., owner of Prosperity Drug Company in Prosperity, S.C., sees opportunity in building collaborative practice agreements with local hospitals. At this year’s QS/1 customer conference, Pugh outlined the steps he took to establish relationships with local physicians and hospitals to put his pharmacy in a role of active manager of his patients.

Read John Pugh’s Pharmacy at the Center of Collaborative Care: A Case Study

QS/1 Director of Pharmacy Professional Affairs Ed Vess

Ed Vess is an avid supporter of pharmacists being reimbursed for enhanced services and is an active member of CPESN.

Listen to the QConnect Podcast and find out what you can expect on these topics:

• The benefits of attending Essential Game Plans for a Successful Pharmacy at 2020 PDS conference

• Hear from two pharmacists on the key steps to implementing new clinical programs for pharmacy.

• Learn about FlipThePharmacy and how it supports repeatable services across difference practice settings.

• The benefits of conferences: learning from peers and seeing what new technology can make a difference to your practice.

Plus QS/1 will continue its ongoing $1,500 giveaways to pharmacists’ favorite charities at PDS 2020. It will be making a donation to one winner’s charity of choice. Visit booth #115 and scan your badge for a chance to win!

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