A Healthy Dose of Identity

The Call for A Universal
Patient Identifier

Webcast with Jill Regan, R.PH.
Director, Relationship Management
Pharmacy Markets
LexisNexis® Risk Solutions

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In the world of value-based healthcare, the role of the pharmacy is expanding. In order to deliver the most impactful care, accurate patient data is a necessity. Matching patients with their records is a challenge for every hospital, doctor’s office, lab and pharmacy. Failing to do so properly can put patients at risk, and could result in money wasted on unnecessary tests, unwarranted procedures and erroneous prescriptions. Utilizing a Universal Patient Identifier (UPI) within the pharmacy provides a solution. UPIs aid in record matching and patient data cleansing, leading to more effective health outcomes.

A UPI can address record matching problems due to such issues as:

  • Multiple patients with similar names.
  • Incomplete or duplicate records for the same patient.
  • Lack of system interoperability.

Implementing the UPI means that pharmacists can be more confident as they conduct business, knowing that they have more reliable, better quality records at their fingertips than ever before, because patient records are more accurately matched. This allows them to work expediently, and focus on more critical objectives, such as patient engagement at the point of care. The result: Increased patient safety and improved health outcomes.

Join us for a discussion that explores these topics.

What You'll Learn...

The breadth and depth of the problem surrounding poor record matching.

The complexities of an identity and what makes patient record matching so challenging.

How to operationalize a UPI.

About The Expert

Jill_Regan Director LexisNexis Risk Solutions Health Care

Jill Regan, R.Ph.

Jill Regan, R.Ph., Director, Relationship Management, Pharmacy Markets
at LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Health Care

Jill Regan, R.Ph., has over 25 years of experience in the pharmacy industry, including several years practicing as a retail pharmacist and in various pharmacy leadership positions. At LexisNexis Health Care, Jill leverages her industry expertise to support retail and PBM clients with pharmacy operations and managed care compliance. Jill’s areas of expertise include pharmacy automation; clinical/audit compliance; Medicare Part D/B; claim investigation/documentation; CMS regulations; Medicare fraud, waste, and abuse; HIPAA; and risk management. Jill holds a B.S. in pharmacy from Purdue University.