Rethinking MTM Duties and Workflows

More From The May/June 2016 Cover Story

Amina Abubakar, Pharm.D., Rx Clinic Pharmacy

“We asked our pharmacists and technicians to write a list of everything they do each day. We asked the pharmacists to put things that really require the pharmacist license on one side of the page,and things that a technician can do on the other. We found that our pharmacists were not practicing at the top of their license.

Why should they be the ones on the phone with the insurance company? Why should they be the one prepping an MTM and spending half an hour just on data entry? This is not cost effective. Technicians know data entry. And that’s really all the first piece of MTM is: entering data into the MTM platform. Our assessment found that pharmacists were spending too much of their time doing that.” CT

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