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2021 Pharmacy Outlook: The Vendors Speak

A wide range of pharmacy technology industry executives and experts off their thoughts on the big changes to expect for pharmacy in 2021, what will make the biggest impact in the pharmacy market, and what adds value to the pharmacy and pharmacy technology systems.

LTC: Weathering the Challenges

This year has resulted in unprecedented challenges for the long-term care industry. We surveyed the pharmacy stakeholders to see how they are responding with the assist of technology. Read on to see how the industry is weathering these challenges.

Key Features that Power Pharmacy Workflow Efficiency

With pharmacies being busier than ever these days, we polled system vendors and users to find out which software feature or application used increases operating efficiency. From developing new workflows to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic to revising steps to meet new business demands and goals, from how automation can impact workflow to how to work with your vendor to fine tune your pharmacy operations – Here’s what we found.

BestRx Pharmacy Software

BestRx Pharmacy Software offers pharmacy management systems, point of sale, electronic signature capture, mobile delivery, document management, medical billing, pharmacy eCare plans, workflow management, billing automation, immunizations, central reporting, long term care, and inventory management. View the full listing to learn more.

The Power of Interfaces

There are powerful tools out there for pharmacies looking to boost efficiency, change the patient care model, and improve patient satisfaction. We'll find out how pharmacies are using the power of interfaces to meet operational and clinical goals.

BestRx Announces Interface With PerceptiMed scripClip

BestRx Pharmacy Software, the Oak Brook, Illinois based provider of pharmacy management systems and other related technology has announced it has developed an interface...

The Trends in Pharmacy Delivery

In this roundtable discussion, BestRx’s Hemal and Vikas Desai and Stephen Barnes discuss the direction that pharmacy delivery services are taking. Learn about the...