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QS/1 Customer Conference

QS/1 customers from around the country gathered in Louisville, Ky., to learn about the latest offerings from QS/1 in retail, long-term care, and HME, as well as to visit with vendor partners in the technology expo.

Do Something Well, and Thrive

Profiles of pharmacy owners, managers, and industry observers that show how family-owned community pharmacies are not just surviving, but thriving. Find out what these success stories can tell you about building a pharmacy operation that excels at serving the community, provides a top-notch work environment for employees, and rewards ownership.
Marsha K. Millonig, B.Pharm., M.B.A. Catalyst Enterprises

21st Century Cures Bill Passes House

The 21st Century Cures Act legislation passed the U.S. House of Representatives on July 10, 2015, with a vote of 344 to 77. The act’s intent is to remove barriers to innovation, allowing the rapid pace of scientific discovery we are experiencing to be more rapidly translated into cures for patients.

ASAP 2015 Midyear Conference

The American Society for Automation in Pharmacy’s midyear conference held at The Breakers in June.
George Pennebaker, Pharm.D.

Blink and Everything Changes

Blink and everything changes. I can only add to that: Blink twice and it has probably passed you by. I am writing this on June 28. It has been an eventful week. Several times in this last week everything changed in the blink of an eye.
Bill Lockwood, Chairman/Publisher

Programming Languages and Robotics

When you stop and think about how far we have come just in pharmacy in the 40 years since computers were first used to process prescriptions, it’s simply remarkable. And it’s all based on writing code to extend the benefits derived.

Getting Ready for the Internet of Things

So now we come to the next frontier that is being labeled “The Internet of Things.” IBM thought leaders have been talking about the world possessing a central nervous system, with everyday devices generating a constant flow of data.

Managing Inventory: The Challenges

Supplylogix recently held its second annual customer ideaXchange to discuss industry issues to help better deliver inventory solutions to retail pharmacy.
Pharmacy Healthcare Solutions Inc. Logo

Challenges of Managing Generic Pricing

Generic drugs used to be the golden goose for retail pharmacies. But with all of the changes taking place in the generic drug market, the new generic world requires that pharmacy owners remain flexible in their sourcing by examining pricing from several primary and secondary suppliers.

Looking to the Future: Key Technologies Taking Chain Pharmacy to the...

Our annual chain survey brings to the fore trends and challenges on the radar at 17 chain pharmacies, representing over 5,700 locations. Find out what’s happening at the technology core, which technologies are doing the most to position pharmacies at the center of clinical care, and the way technology-based strategies create better connections with patients.