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Power of Community Pharmacies Showcased at McKesson ideaShare

McKesson Corporation hosts successful McKesson ideaShare 2018, an annual interactive forum for community pharmacists to improve their knowledge, performance and profitability while networking with industry...

McKesson ideaShare 2018: The Independent’s Power to Perform

McKesson ideaShare 2018 is the leading conference designed to help independent pharmacy owners and their staff improve their knowledge, performance and profitability. This year, we...

Donlon HealthMart Pharmacy Adds RxSafe 1800

INDUSTRY WATCH: May/June 2015 The RxSafe 1800 robotic storage and retrieval system from Innovation, makers of PharmASSIST pharmacy automation solutions, gets high marks from Matthew...

The Latest Trends in Medication Adherence

In this interview, McKesson, Patient Relationship Solutions (MPRS) Vice President of Strategic Marketing Stacey Irving and McKesson, Vice President of Business Development and Strategy Eyad Farah talk with ComputerTalk’s Will Lockwood about the results of a study commissioned to look at the emerging trends in patient adherence.

Technology In-store Gives Pharmacists Time for Community, Patients

Jack Dunn and Frank Iannarone were honored by the National Community Pharmacists Association during its 2014 Annual Convention. Here’s a look at the technology that enables each to run a successful business.

New Patient Research Commissioned by McKesson

INDUSTRY WATCH: November/December 2014 What Patients Want to Know New patient research commissioned by McKesson Patient Relationship Solutions identified emerging trends in medication adherence, the use of...

More On Central-Fill: Q&A with McKesson,’s Joe Tammaro

McKesson, Pharmacy Systems & Automation High Volume Solutions VP of Sales Joe Tammaro gives ComputerTalk’s Will Lockwood his perspective on what pharmacies are doing with central fill and what questions you should be asking if you are looking to get started with it.

The Evolution of Central Fill

Central fill has evolved into an important way for pharmacies to standardize processes, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and most importantly, afford pharmacy staff the chance to step away from certain repetitive tasks and focus on the bigger picture. Find out how central fill is working for pharmacies with 100 locations or 10, and with pharmacy locations in a limited area or spread across several states.

Pharmacy Advances in Digital Technology

Retail pharmacists are now being positioned as the new “foot soldiers” for preventive healthcare services in America. They are beginning to offer new services that improve their patients’ knowledge about prevention and treatment of their disease states. Now the pharmacist needs to learn how to manage these programs.

The Latest from ideaShare 2012

Nathan Mott, president of McKesson, Pharmacy Systems and Automation, has been with McKesson, for over 17 years and is currently responsible for all retail pharmacy software and automation. Joe Montler is VP of marketing strategy and business development for McKesson, Pharmacy Systems and Automation. ComputerTalk's Will Lockwood spoke with both during ideaShare 2012 about trends in technology and opportunities for community pharmacy.