Net-Rx – an MHA Solution

2300 East 3rd Loop, Suite 200, Vancouver, WA 98661
Phone: 866.336.3879

Net-Rx™, an MHA Solution, has specialized in providing operational and software-driven services exclusively for pharmacies for more than 15 years. Led by industry experts, Net-Rx provides a platform for advanced business analytics that drives operational excellence and optimum financial performance across reconciliation, reimbursement verification, and prescription pricing.
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Our suite of reimbursement and business analytics solutions includes:

EditRx — Protect your revenues by detecting billing and database errors.
Metric-Rx — Optimize your pharmacy operations through actionable business analytics.
Price-It Rx — Improve your profitability with customized market-driven pricing.
RecRx — Ensure accurate third-party reimbursement.
Contract Assure — Recover missing revenue by assuring accurate payments on MHA contracted rates.
Accounts Receivable — Summarizes third-party claims, payments, fees, and adjustments and quantifies final out-standing values monthly.


  • Data Analytics/Business Intelligence
  • Adherence Packaging
  • Preedit Services
  • Off-Site Backup/Recovery
  • Prescription Pricing
  • Data Management
  • DIR Fee Management


  • Pharmacy Management System
  • Workflow System
  • Chain Host
  • POS System
  • Portable/Mobile POS Terminal
  • E-Signature Capture
  • Data Analytics/Business Intelligence
  • IVR
  • Compounding Software
  • Long-Term Care Software
  • Specialty Pharmacy Software
Support for Enhanced Pharmacy Services: No