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Secure Direct Messaging and Secure Chat

Now Hear This: Adopting Cutting-edge Secure Messaging In Pharmacy

In this ComputerTalk podcast we’ll talk about secure messaging and secure chat with RedSail Technologies Director of Platform Components Louie Foster. We’ll cover the state of adoption of these latest pharmacy messaging types. Much of healthcare, pharmacy included, still relies on phone and fax for communicating, but there’s a growing interest in other forms of […]

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Care Collaboratrion Pharmacy Technicians Partner for the Patient’s Outcome

As pharmacy evolves to a clinical model away from primarily dispensing, the need for trained staff to support programs and communicate with patients is clear. Technicians are in a key position to do this, and with new training and certification programs available, there isn’t a better time to support technicians in taking on new roles.

Mining Gold in Healthcare Data

The pharmacy and healthcare data is that resides in a given health IT system, whether it be in an electronic health record system used by physicians, or in a pharmacy management system, is incredibly valuable. New efforts are being made to make the most of it.

Headlines Point to Continued Pressure on Pharmacy

Pharmacist shortages and pharmacy technician shortages combined with increased demand for COVID-19 boosters are causing the perfect storm, and stress levels in the pharmacy are higher than ever with potentially detrimental outcomes for patients.

Rethinking the Pharmacy Business Model

Walgreens and CVS have been in the news recently, as both have announced changes in their corporate strategies concerning their retail pharmacy locations. Whenever big changes are announced by industry leaders, it causes us to hypothesize why these changes are being made and what impact they may have on the rest of the retail pharmacy industry. Here's a review of these recent retail pharmacy developments.

­Digital Health Happenings in the Pharma Industry

Digital health is experiencing remarkable enthusiasm and growth. Telehealth is one digital health technology undergoing an accelerated rate of adoption, largely due to the pandemic. There are others worth following. Here are a variety of initiatives for readers to explore.

Pharmacy Software at the Center of Success

Samson Mekonnen, business operations manager at Vibrant Care Pharmacy — which serves assisted living facilities, residential care facilities for the elderly, adult residential facilities, group homes, and specialty behavioral health centers — has made it his mission to ensure that his pharmacy runs as many processes as possible from its central dispensing system.

Key to Health-System Pharmacy? Be Flexible and Adaptable

Needs of health-system pharmacy has changed. Robert Schenk, Jr., director of ambulatory pharmacy at Hackensack Meridian Health in Edison, NJ, knows this well from his 15-plus years in the hospital setting. What’s allowed the health-system to innovate and grow to 10 pharmacy locations? A pharmacy system that is flexible and adaptable.


Automation Drives Innovation, Scalable Home Delivery Programs

Grane Rx demonstrates how automating as many tasks as possible will be the baseline standard for success as the role of the pharmacist continues to evolve and expand. Read a case study of this critical foundation upon which all of pharmacy can step into the future.

Lessons Learned: Opportunities in COVID-19 Vaccine Deployment

Michael Ganio, Pharm.D., M.S., BCPS, FASHP and senior director, pharmacy practice and quality at the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, talked about the progress in vaccine administration, the development of better communication between health departments and patients, and how all the bumps in the road of this vaccine rollout will make the process easier in the future.

Resilience and Innovation: RedSail Technologies’ Next-Gen Vision

Kraig McEwen, CEO of RedSail Technologies, LLC, spoke with ComputerTalk’s Maggie Lockwood about the company’s vision for the independent pharmacy market as its portfolio increases to include three major software players. With a long background in healthcare technology, McEwen sheds light on the importance of scale for independent pharmacy, as well as innovative technology platforms that respond to the healthcare trends toward value-based care.

The ROI of your Pharmacy Management Software During COVID-19

Stuck with clunky software, outdated technology, and limited integration? Is your pharmacy management system is simply holding you back at a time when your patients need you most? Learn how your pharmacy management solution should keep up during COVID-19 and that there is an ROI to switching to a better solution.