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Compliant Pharmacy Alliance

Compliant Pharmacy Alliance (CPA) is proud to have served independent pharmacy owners for over 25 years. With over 2,000 member pharmacies, CPA leverages an exceptional membership and expertise to obtain market leading economics, services, and support. Being a 100% member-owned cooperative, there are no conflicts of interest.

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Automation Drives Innovation, Scalable Home Delivery Programs Grane Rx Parata Case Study

Automation Drives Innovation, Scalable Home Delivery Programs

Grane Rx demonstrates how automating as many tasks as possible will be the baseline standard for success as the role of the pharmacist continues to evolve and expand. Read a case study of this critical foundation upon which all of pharmacy can step into the future.
Galva Pharmacy

AI Gives Pharmacy the Edge

Galva Pharmacy was the first in the United States to use artificial intelligence in SmartSuite from DrFirst to accurately translate e-prescriptions, helping avoid medication errors and saving time for each drug dispensed.
Joseph Odom, R.Ph., Director of Pharmacy, Health Care Partners of South Carolina

A New Pharmacy System Leads to New Initiatives

Making the switch to a new pharmacy system is a big step for a pharmacy, and to do this during the COVID-19 pandemic had additional considerations. One health center aspired to improve its reporting and discovered that a new workflow module offered functionality and more services to customers. Learn how Health Care Partners of South Carolina switched to Computer-Rx for its enhanced reporting features, and was surprised with the added benefits that came along with the workflow features.

Adherence Packaging: Improving Pharmacy Financials

Ken Patel, R.Ph., added RxSafe RapidPakRx adherence packaging automation to Rightway Pharmacy in 2020 and not only improved patient health outcomes. He's also been very pleased with the positive impact adherence packaging automation has had on his pharmacy’s financial health.
Centralized Pharmacy Services

Central Fill: A Solution to Lasting Pandemic Trends

One thing that the COVID pandemic has shown is that pharmacies can thrive if they keep meeting customer needs. Parata's Mark Longley describes one way to do this, which is becoming a trend he's seeing across the pharmacy industry: Innovate with automation — especially in centralized services.

Expanding COVID-19 Vaccine Support Services

The collaborative partnership between PrescribeWellness and Kinney Drugs illustrates the importance and impact of telehealth and clinical contact services. When paired with local, frontline pharmacy providers, this comprehensive model for patient care can reach far and wide during the pandemic — and beyond.

Success Through Customer Engagement

Customer engagement can bring big benefits to your business — from increased brand awareness and trust, to improved customer retention and loyalty. Each customer...
PharmSaver REMS-Monitoring-and-Pharmacy-Wholesalers

Challenges for Pharmacies with REMS

As REMS (risk evaluation and mitigation strategy) programs grow to include more pharmaceutical product manufactures, wholesalers, and distributors, pharmacies face increased compliance challenges. Learn what to be aware of when ordering drugs in this category.

Personalized Medicine: A Step Closer with Risk Scores

Adverse drug events (ADEs) have been the fourth leading cause of death over the past decade in the United States. A new study reveals the positive impact the MedWise Risk Score can have on predicting who is at risk.

Resilience and Innovation: RedSail Technologies’ Next-Gen Vision

Kraig McEwen, CEO of RedSail Technologies, LLC, spoke with ComputerTalk’s Maggie Lockwood about the company’s vision for the independent pharmacy market as its portfolio increases to include three major software players. With a long background in healthcare technology, McEwen sheds light on the importance of scale for independent pharmacy, as well as innovative technology platforms that respond to the healthcare trends toward value-based care.

KL1Plus Automation Advances Community Hospital Pharmacy Programs

A major contributor to the success of Memorial Hospital’s outpatient pharmacy expansion is also the smallest and simplest: a Kirby Lester KL1Plus verification-plus-counting device for prescription verification and counting.


Americans Want Access to Their Healthcare Data

The new federal health IT five-year strategic plan supports easier data sharing. It is an outcomes-driven plan designed to meet the needs of patients, caregivers, health providers, payers, researchers, developers, and innovators.

How Should Pharmacies Handle Unbranded Biologics?

Pharmacists often think of the terms “brand” and “generic” as dichotomous and mutually exclusive, so it is not surprising that unbranded biologics, such as insulin and human growth hormone, seem to be causing confusion for pharmacies when it comes to product selection. We will address how unbranded biologics are being displayed in pharmacy management systems and what pharmacists need to do to make sure they are being reimbursed appropriately.

COVID-19: Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy

As vaccination efforts continue, major barriers must be addressed in order for these efforts to be effective. Here we will discuss vaccine hesitancy — a barrier for many in terms of getting vaccinated — as well as technology you can use when creating messaging campaigns to promote incentives, assistance programs, and pertinent information to prompt patients to get vaccinated.

ONC Sunsets Interoperability Roadmap

Both the 21st Century Cures Act final rule and the new Federal Health IT Strategic Plan will advance interoperability, enhance health IT certification, and reduce the burden and costs in the healthcare system. System providers should access and read the ONC Final Rule on the Cures Act to see what provisions might impact your company and its offerings.

The Pandemic: An Opportunity for Pharmacy?

Pharmacists have been among the heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic — first, in coming to work even as everyone else was forced to stay home, so that no one had to go without medications. Pharmacy was designated an essential business. Pharmacists are vaccinating millions of Americans. The question now becomes: Can pharmacists leverage this positive experience to expand, and more importantly, get paid for their clinical services?