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Parata provides solutions reducing costs and improving health outcomes by offering the most comprehensive automation portfolio with adherence packaging, high-speed robotic dispensing, and workflow solutions.

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Coats Pharmacy, Coats, NC

The Possibilities for Pharmacy

Diana Lischin, R.Ph., owner of two pharmacies in North Carolina, wanted to expand med sync and compliance packing programs without putting additional stress on her staff. The solution: investing in a new pouch-packaging system.
Kirby Whitten Pharmacy.

On the Road Again: What’s Possible in Pharmacy

From his 12th formal pharmacy road trip, Bruce Kneeland shares how four pharmacies of different sizes, formats, and demographics have partnered with Liberty Software to better serve their patients.

Change Is Scary, But Change Is Also Good

This is the time to do an inventory of where your pharmacy is now and where you’d like to take it. DrFirst’s Heidi Polek, R.Ph., gives you the steps to follow.

Investing Wisely: Section 179 and Packaging Automation

Glenn Perreault has brought in RxSafe RapidPakRx adherence packaging automation at Colonial Pharmacy to meet new demand and continue growing. His strategy includes using Section 179 to deduct the cost of the investment against this year's income, minimizing the impact of the new technology on his pharmacy's finances.
Care Collaboration

Care Collaboration and Messaging Offers Next-Level Service

Secure messaging is quickly becoming the preferred method of communicating in healthcare. Chris Antypas has watched the need to pick up the phone to solve a problem quickly disappear. The DrFirst Backline communication and collaboration tool helps providers achieve care coordination and improve transitions of care.
Automation Drives Innovation, Scalable Home Delivery Programs Grane Rx Parata Case Study

Automation Drives Innovation, Scalable Home Delivery Programs

Grane Rx demonstrates how automating as many tasks as possible will be the baseline standard for success as the role of the pharmacist continues to evolve and expand. Read a case study of this critical foundation upon which all of pharmacy can step into the future.

Automation Transforming Pharmacy: Partnering Beyond the Install

Jana Bennett and her husband, Randy, have found RxSafe to be a strong partner beyond the install at their Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy, joining a business transformation group to help achieve real-world automation ROI for the RapidPakRx adherence packaging system and elevate their pharmacy operations overall.
Galva Pharmacy

AI Gives Pharmacy the Edge

Galva Pharmacy was the first in the United States to use artificial intelligence in SmartSuite from DrFirst to accurately translate e-prescriptions, helping avoid medication errors and saving time for each drug dispensed.
Joseph Odom, R.Ph., Director of Pharmacy, Health Care Partners of South Carolina

A New Pharmacy System Leads to New Initiatives

Making the switch to a new pharmacy system is a big step for a pharmacy, and to do this during the COVID-19 pandemic had additional considerations. One health center aspired to improve its reporting and discovered that a new workflow module offered functionality and more services to customers. Learn how Health Care Partners of South Carolina switched to Computer-Rx for its enhanced reporting features, and was surprised with the added benefits that came along with the workflow features.

Adherence Packaging: Improving Pharmacy Financials

Ken Patel, R.Ph., added RxSafe RapidPakRx adherence packaging automation to Rightway Pharmacy in 2020 and not only improved patient health outcomes. He's also been very pleased with the positive impact adherence packaging automation has had on his pharmacy’s financial health.
Centralized Pharmacy Services

Central Fill: A Solution to Lasting Pandemic Trends

One thing that the COVID pandemic has shown is that pharmacies can thrive if they keep meeting customer needs. Parata's Mark Longley describes one way to do this, which is becoming a trend he's seeing across the pharmacy industry: Innovate with automation — especially in centralized services.


Community Pharmacy Holding Its Own

The National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) held one of the first “live” pharmacy events last month with the return of its annual meeting in October. The association released its 2021 NCPA Digest at the event, and findings show community pharmacy holding its own despite continued challenges.

Prognostications for 2022

As we approach the end of the year, we look forward to a post-pandemic 2022 and the return to a normal life. There are many entities and market sectors that benefit from prolonging the pandemic. However, our take is that most of the public is ready to move on, and the continued reopening of stores and businesses is expected. We expect most 2021 trends to continue in 2022, with a few twists and turns based on political decisions made in Washington.

An Interesting Year

2021 turned out to be a year with interesting developments. Top of the list is the chip shortage, which has really affected the auto industry. And in 2021 we saw the emergence of synthetic biology, with a few synthetic biology companies going public during the year.

Building an Effective SMS Campaign for Health Behaviors

SMS nudges can be an approach to influencing decision-making through how choices are presented to patients and how the various presentation methods can impact actual decision-making to encourage health behaviors that influence health or mortality.