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Retail Management Solutions

Retail Management Solutions offers pharmacy point-of-sale solutions for retail and outpatient pharmacies with 30+ pharmacy system integrations. Offering software, hardware, training and 24x7 support to improve profitability, patient outcomes and customer-centricity while streamlining pharmacy operations.

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Personalized Medicine: A Step Closer with Risk Scores

Adverse drug events (ADEs) have been the fourth leading cause of death over the past decade in the United States. A new study reveals the positive impact the MedWise Risk Score can have on predicting who is at risk.
Bruce Kneeland

So, Now What?

While community pharmacy received deserved accolades for its role in COVID-19 mitigation and vaccination rollouts, there remain obstacles to overcome around practice parameters, reimbursement rates, and other critical issues. Getting involved with state and national associations is an important first step.

Lessons Learned: Opportunities in COVID-19 Vaccine Deployment

Michael Ganio, Pharm.D., M.S., BCPS, FASHP and senior director, pharmacy practice and quality at the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, talked about the progress in vaccine administration, the development of better communication between health departments and patients, and how all the bumps in the road of this vaccine rollout will make the process easier in the future.

Arete Pharmacy Network

Arete Pharmacy Network's competitive portfolio of programs and services is designed to provide your pharmacy with necessary tools and resources to meet the demands of today's regulatory environment. Learn about our cost-efficient package of solutions for compliance, quality, and financial success.

Pharmacy First

Servicing over 2,300 independent pharmacies, Pharmacy First is a solutions resource as well as an informational hub. In addition to our contracting and credentialing services, offered through our PSAO, we offer additional solutions to help your pharmacy remain competitive.

Supporting the Quality and Independence of Community Pharmacies in an Evolving Market

PSAO partnership and support will be more important than ever for community pharmacies in the coming year, as they stay on the front lines of addressing the pandemic and continue to provide services that go beyond their traditional role. Pharmacy First has set the highest standard in the industry as the first and only PSAO to earn URAC accreditation as a Credentials Verification Organization.

The Power of Community: Teaming Up for Quality Performance

At Arete Pharmacy Network, the quality department’s primary purpose is to coach member pharmacies on individual quality performance and the subsequent impact on the network. Want to learn how we add value to both individual and aggregate quality performance? Download our e-book.

Health Mart Atlas

Health Mart Atlas is the largest network of high-performing ISMC pharmacies, providing access to narrow networks through strategic contracting, increased pharmacy efficiencies, and the tools to remain top pharmacy performers.

Elevate Provider Network

Elevate Provider Network is a proven system that combines actionable analytics, technology and professional services to manage and maximize pharmacy performance while minimizing profit leakage. Our data-driven approach results in the optimal mix of payer contracts for your pharmacy — contracts that don’t sacrifice patient access or profitability.

LeaderNET, Medicine Shoppe, and Managed Care Connection

Cardinal Health LeaderNET, Medicine Shoppe, and Managed Care Connection pharmacy services administrative organization (PSAO) services provide access to the right networks while managing all Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) requirements for you as well as assistance with PBM audits and underpaid MAC claim submissions.

Resilience and Innovation: RedSail Technologies’ Next-Gen Vision

Kraig McEwen, CEO of RedSail Technologies, LLC, spoke with ComputerTalk’s Maggie Lockwood about the company’s vision for the independent pharmacy market as its portfolio...


We Should Be Thankful for Technology

Fortunately, pharmacies use a robust technology platform that keeps them connected with their patient population and insurers, and now steps are being taken to provide this connectivity with other healthcare providers. The technology is largely responsible for pharmacy’s recognition as a main-line health provider player.

COVID-19 Vaccines: Operational Considerations

The introduction of two vaccines in late 2020, from Pfizer and Moderna, begins the process to hopefully take control of the pandemic and enable life to return to normal. Pharmacists will play a prominent role in the administration of the vaccines. We will focus on the operational challenges likely to be encountered.

Mobile Health Apps and Tools for a New Year

Health and fitness apps, particularly those with video workouts, performed strongly in 2020. Although personal health and wellness have always been important, 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic may have made both mental and physical wellness more important than ever. Apps can provide training and serve as tools for tracking, thereby making target health behaviors easier to do.

New Health IT Plan Focuses on the Individual

The federal government’s five-year strategic plan for health information technology (HIT) was released two months ago, continuing efforts toward creating a health system that uses information to engage individuals, lower costs, deliver high-quality healthcare, and improve individual and population health.

Ensuring Trust in the COVID-19 Vaccine: Adverse Event Monitoring and Analysis

COVID-19 has been (and continues to be) the great disruptor. It has driven the relaxation of regulations to allow cross-state practice by healthcare professionals, a decade worth of telemedicine advancements in six months, and pharma’s new perception as a critical player in public health. Now, might the impending COVID-19 vaccine drive the development of systems that allow pharmacies to submit adverse event data related to the vaccine in an efficient manner that integrates with existing workflow?