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From The Issue: November/December 2021

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In The November/December 2021 Issue

2022 Pharmacy Outlook Roundtable

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Community Pharmacy Holding Its Own

The National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) held one of the first “live” pharmacy events last month with the return of its annual meeting in October. The association released its 2021 NCPA Digest at the event, and findings show community pharmacy holding its own despite continued challenges.

Prognostications for 2022

As we approach the end of the year, we look forward to a post-pandemic 2022 and the return to a normal life. There are many entities and market sectors that benefit from prolonging the pandemic. However, our take is that most of the public is ready to move on, and the continued reopening of stores and businesses is expected. We expect most 2021 trends to continue in 2022, with a few twists and turns based on political decisions made in Washington.

An Interesting Year

2021 turned out to be a year with interesting developments. Top of the list is the chip shortage, which has really affected the auto industry. And in 2021 we saw the emergence of synthetic biology, with a few synthetic biology companies going public during the year.

Building an Effective SMS Campaign for Health Behaviors

SMS nudges can be an approach to influencing decision-making through how choices are presented to patients and how the various presentation methods can impact actual decision-making to encourage health behaviors that influence health or mortality.

More From Pharmacy Experts

The Medical AI Podcast: Health Informatics and AI

The Medical AI Podcast: Health Informatics and AI

Episode 11 of the Medical AI Podcast, in which host Dr Felix Beacher delves into the crossroads of AI and health informatics, guided by expert guest Professor Mark Braunstein, Professor Braunstein shares his expertise in the field of health informatics.
Managed Health Care Associates, Inc. (MHA) Pharmacy Revenue Specialty Pharmacy LTC Pharmacy Infusion Pharmacy

Ways for Post-acute Pharmacies to Boost Revenue

Russ Procopio is executive vice president of the post-acute pharmacy team at Managed Health Care Associates, Inc. (MHA). In this interview with Will Lockwood, ComputerTalk’s director of editorial content, Procopio discusses ways these pharmacy segments can boost revenue.

Four Ways Technology Can Boost Your Pharmacy’s Services

The writing’s on the wall: technology is revolutionizing the way pharmacies provide services. Fortunately, as a pharmacist, you can take advantage of these advances to improve your services and increase customer satisfaction. At ComputerTalk For The Pharmacist, we always have a finger on the pulse of the pharmaceutical tech...
Increasing pharmacy revenue

3 Ways Pharmacies Can Generate Additional Revenue

Fighting shrinking margins at your pharmacy? Consider expanding to include products and services that require little to no third-party involvement. Learn how robust, user-friendly pharmacy software from BestRx can help stores efficiently manage many other revenue-generating services, beyond prescription sales. 

Sonexus Hub Impact in Specialty Pharmacy Patient Journey

In this interview, Luis Portela, director of access and patient support at Cardinal Health Sonexus™ Access And Patient Support, explains how a hub provides clear pathways and tailored solutions to each patient during a treatment journey and why an important part of the care coordination around specialty drugs is communication.

Technology that Powers Pharmacist Role in Clinical Decision Support

Pharmacists’ expertise in clinical decision support is moving front and center to the hospital setting for reducing readmissions and increasing adherence rates. Reaching patients where they are and packaging prescriptions to take home reduce the gap in adherence rates. This is the opportunity to be part of a collaborative team...
Critical Health-System Pharmacy Systems: POS and AI Improve Patient Care

2 Critical Health-System Pharmacy Systems: POS and AI Improve Patient Care

Streamline health-system operations and improve profitability with 2 critical health-system pharmacy systems: POS and AI Improve Patient Care. Achieve goals that were always important to hospital pharmacies, but in the wake of COVID-19’s stresses to the healthcare system, there’s even more of a need to implement digital solutions.

More From The Issue

Cover Story | Refresh The Pharmacy: Best Ideas for 2022

Pharmacies turned in a strong performance in 2021. They continued to be the most accessible healthcare provider in the country and grew further into a central role in patient care. What are the best ideas for pharmacies looking to hit the refresh button and add to their capabilities in the coming year? We surveyed a few industry experts for their take.

Plus | Change Is Scary, But Change Is Also Good

This is the time to do an inventory of where your pharmacy is now and where you’d like to take it. DrFirst’s Heidi Polek, R.Ph., gives you the steps to follow.

Exclusive Web Content | Investing Wisely: Section 179 and Packaging Automation

Glenn Perreault has brought in RxSafe RapidPakRx adherence packaging automation at Colonial Pharmacy to meet new demand and continue growing. His strategy includes using Section 179 to deduct the cost of the investment against this year’s income, minimizing the impact of the new technology on his pharmacy’s finances.

Feature | On the Road Again

by Bruce Kneeland

From his 12th formal pharmacy road trip, the author shares how four pharmacies of different sizes, formats, and demographics have partnered with Liberty Software to better serve their patients.

Feature | The Possibilities for Pharmacy

by Maggie Lockwood

Diana Lischin, R.Ph., owner of two pharmacies in North Carolina, wanted to expand her med sync and compliance packing programs without putting additional stress on her staff. The solution: investing in a new pouch-packaging system.

Publisher’s Window | An Interesting Year

2021 turned out to be a year with interesting developments. Top of the list is the chip shortage, which has really aff ected the auto industry.

Technology Corner | Building an Effective SMS Campaign for Health Behaviors

Your relationship with your patients can provide the entry point for discussions about the nudges that work best for them.

Viewpoints | Prognostications for 2022

We expect most 2021 trends to continue in 2022, with a few twists and turns based on political decisions made in Washington.

Catalyst Corner | Community Pharmacy Holding Its Own

All pharmacies are stepping up to the plate and providing expanded immunization services.